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  1. srcset 0.1.3-beta | Author: dashmedia

    SrcSet is intended for use as an output modifier to easily generate a 1x and 2x version of images using the srcset attribute.2x image should only be generated when the original image meets the minimum ratio requirements (see system settings, defaults to 2)ImagePlusSrcSet aims to support ImagePlus, so far everything I've tried with ImagePlus and srcset works as expected, but if you find any bug please…

  2. GetIdList 1.2.2-pl | Author: dashmedia

    A general purpose snippet to get a list of resource ids for MODX Revolution. A fork of GetIds. GetIdList is a drop-in replacement for GetIds.

  3. googleMap 1.0.4-pl | Author: dashmedia

    This output modifier accepts an address and returns a url for the static map imageFeel free to ask any questions or post bugs on the  GitHub Project


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  4. CloudFlare API Integration 2.1.1-pl | Author: dashmedia

    Uses the CloudFlare API to purge the CloudFlare cache for your website, PurgeCloudFlare will purge single pages from CloudFlare when they are save within the MODX Manager, and purge the entire cache when the "Clear Cache" button is pressed


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  5. recursiveGrab 0.1.3-beta | Author: dashmedia

    MODX snippet for getting the value of a TV recursively, and optionally using a fallback document/tv combination.

  6. getInputOptions 0.1.0-rc | Author: dashmedia

    Snippet to retrieve and output input options of a MODX template variable.

  7. getInputOptions [[+version.signature]] | Author: [[+version.created_by]]

    Snippet to retrieve and output input options of a MODX template variable, optionally formatted via a chunkGitHub Project

  8. Slack Notify 0.1.0-beta | Author: dashmedia

    This is a simple MODX snippet for the Slack json apiOffical documentation and bugs:

  9. ContentBlocks Button [[+version.signature]] | Author: [[+version.created_by]]

    Requires ContentBlocks by the awesome guys at ModMore to be of any use to you.This extra adds a basic input type of button to ContentBlocksOfficial Documentation:

  10. Image SEO alt and title tags 0.12.0-rc1 | Author: dashmedia

    Plugin which scans page output for `img` tags and generates alt and title text if none are present based on the nearest page heading, longtitle or pagetitle.


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