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  1. BlogIt 1.2.0-pl | Author: DESIGNfromWITHIN

    AboutBlogitWith BlogIt for MODX Revolution you can create a blog in MODX Revolution using Collections, Tagger and GetResources.What does BlogIt doWhen you install BlogIt, you will get a fully functional MODX blog based on Collections, getResources and Tagger.


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  2. MODXStart 1.0.0-pl | Author: DESIGNfromWITHIN

    MODX Start is a template to get your MODX project started fast and the right way. It includes common and default settings, plugins and configurations. It also serves as a base for future MPThemes templates and framework extensions.MODX Start does not install any framework, HTML, CSS or Javascript.

  3. Flexibility 5 2.1.0-pl | Author: DESIGNfromWITHIN

    Responsive MODX Revolution template based on Foundation 5 from ZURB.Quickstart projects by creating a fully working MODX Revolution website, based on the Foundation 5 framework from ZURB, with just one package!ATTENTION: While it should be possible to install Flexibility 5 in excisting MODX websites, I strongly advice you to use a fresh installation of MODX 2.4.0 or up.


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  4. Flexibility 4 1.1.3-pl | Author: DESIGNfromWITHIN

    Flexibility 4 - Fully functional MODX Revolution website.Create a fully working responsive MODX Revolution website with just one package! Flexibility 4 includes: navigation, search, blog, image gallery, contact form, templates, template variables, page templates, translations and much more!This package is meant to be used once to quick-start MODX website projects. It will install a lot of things and…


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