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  1. Wool 0.1.0-dev | Author: dinocorn

    A typographic crime-stopping snippet for MODX 2.x. View the README on GitHub:

  2. Hits 1.3.0-pl | Author: dinocorn

    Hits tracks pagehits with a punch. With hits you can easily counts MODX Revolution page view and stores them in a custom table. 


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  3. QuickBar 1.1.0-pl | Author: dinocorn

    Adds an Evo style hover bar to the top of your site for quick editing. Only for users that are logged into the Manager of course. 


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  4. boilerX 2.1.0-pl | Author: dinocorn

    Makes HTML5 Boilerplate just a click away and adds some clever settings.


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  5. cacheguard 1.0.0-pl | Author: dinocorn

    Automatically un ticks the Empty Cache checkbox for unpublished resources.

  6. cachebuster 1.3.0-pl | Author: dinocorn

    A simple plugin that allows you to easily control whether assets always load from the server, or are cache controlled by site version.


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  7. addressGPS 0.2.1-pl | Author: dinocorn

    You save an address, it automatically saves the GPS data into latitude and longitude Template Variables.

  8. LiveBlogger 0.4.6-beta1 | Author: dinocorn

    LiveBlogger adds the ability for the front end resources of your choice to update their content automatically on the fly, at the interval of your choice. Right infront of your user's eyes! Great for live blogging!


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  9. prism 0.4.2-beta1 | Author: dinocorn

    Prism is a lightweight extra that adds a ColorPicker Input Type to your Template Variables. Focusing on HTML5 and future browser support, Prism does not contain any theming files for rendering a colorpicker, it leaves that completely up to the browser.Known supported browsers as of 10/27/12 are Chrome and Opera.


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  10. hCards 0.4.2-beta1 | Author: dinocorn

    A collection of Template Variables and Chunks to get you up and running with implementing hCard Microformats to do things like display vcards as HTML. More on hCard format at