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  1. Asset Manager 1.3.0-pl | Author: everettg_99

    Integrated Media Library for MODX Revolution including drag-and-drop uploads and sorting.


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  2. xls2modx 1.0.0-pl | Author: everettg_99

    xls2modx is a command-line utility for moving content data (i.e. page data) into and out of MODX via XLS files.   Thorough customization is possible via YML files which are generated based on your site and/or your XLS files.

  3. Lunchbox 1.0.0-pl | Author: everettg_99

    Turn a MODX folder into a paginated container to help organize your site, navigate deep folder hierarchies, and reduce page load times in the manager. 

  4. Repoman 1.1.2-pl | Author: everettg_99

    Repoman is a package for MODX Revolution that makes it easier for developers to develop & maintain their own MODX packages or contribute to existing MODX projects.  Its goal is to simplify MODX package development and maintenance: no more headaches and steep learning curves writing custom build scripts or laborious click-work adding objects to the manager in preparation for development. Repoman is…

  5. Taxonomies 1.3.2-pl | Author: everettg_99

    Bringing Taxonomies to MODX Revolution: add Categories or Tags to any MODX page so your MODX site can support all the classifications and tagging that WordPress can do and more!  Unlike other TV-based solutions, this Extra uses dedicated custom tables to provide flexible and efficient searching and true support for hierarchies.See the YouTube screencast:…


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  6. Query 1.3.1-pl | Author: everettg_99

    Query offers a Snippet interface for xPDO's getCollection method. This allows you to query any MODX database collection and format the output, including pagination. Query can be used as a replacement for getResources, and it offers much more flexibility because it's not constrained to fetching only resources.


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  7. Bloodline 1.0.2-pl | Author: everettg_99

    Bloodline summarizes all components used to generate a MODX page so you can quickly find the Chunks, Snippets, or TVs responsible for generating a particular part of a page.  You can also drill down into the component parts to troubleshoot formatting or speed issues.


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  8. Gmarker 1.0-pl | Author: everettg_99

    The Gmarker package implements the Google Maps API (v3.9) so you can quickly draw maps, add markers, and geocode addresses into latitude and longitude.It includes 3 Snippets and a Plugin.Gmap: lets you quickly draw a Google Map by supplying an address.Gmarker: lets you quickly draw a map, and draw markers on it -- each marker corresponds to a page on your site.Glocation: this utility Snippet is a raw…


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  9. SyntaxChecker 0.5.0-beta | Author: everettg_99

    This plugin performs validation checks on your Resources, Templates, Chunks, and Template Variables as they are saved and alerts you to any errors via a pop-up modal window.  How many times have you spent hours debugging a snippet only to discover that you had forgotten a back-tick?  This plugin ensures that your pages parse the way they're supposed to.Put an end to syntax madness!!!


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