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  1. virtuNewsletter 2.4.2-pl | Author: goldsky

    A newsletter system for MODX Revolution.The cron file is web-accessible, means that it can be used for 3rd party cron service outside of the origin web host.The email templates use Resources, so they can be easily edited by non-techy manager users. This makes it easier to avoid messing up the HTML codes in the chunksThe documentation is in here…


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  2. mathCaptcha 1.0.0-pl | Author: goldsky

    A captcha to be used as hooks in FormIt or preHooks in Register snippet, simple math calculation rendered in image.GD Image Library is required to be installed in your server.

  3. Grid Class Key 1.1.1-pl | Author: goldsky

    A custom class key for MODX Revolution's Manager to hide child resources inside container's grid.You can switch the current resource to be this class key, AND it can be reverted back to the usual modResource by changing the Resource Type inside the Settings tab.It only hides the child resources, and display them in the grid. Everything else is just as same as the usual modResource's form.Under making…


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  4. BBBx 1.0.0-beta2 | Author: goldsky

    The BigBlueButton integration to MODX's manager and single-sign on.Submit bugs and feature requests to

  5. twbsh5bp 1.2.0-pl | Author: goldsky

    Twitter Bootstrap + HTML5 Boilerplate.Bonus: custom sticky footer.This is replacing the previous "Twitter Bootstrap 3 - HTML5 Boilerplate 4" package.This only gives the default template, but with some complex Wayfinder's and QuickCrumbs's chunks.The prerequisite packages are:WayfinderUltimateParentQuickCrumbs

  6. SmartTag 1.0.6-pl | Author: goldsky

    SmartTag is a tagging system for MODX Revolution.SmartTag is intended to replace MODX's original auto-tag TV.By having its own tables, SmartTag can be managed easier.It uses AJAX combobox for the TV when adding a new tag, and a CMP to list all the tags.You can rename the tag, or delete it entirely from the system, on all resources!You can convert existing tags to be SmartTag, or revert SmartTag back…


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  7. FileDownload R 2.0.0-pl | Author: goldsky

    This snippet lists the given directory paths or filenames to be downloaded and counted.The file path is encrypted with a hashed method so no one will know your real path.The path borrows the MODX's ability to store the documents on its core path, which can be placed out of the web root (on the advanced installation).The counter is stored inside a custom table on the database.Any issues can be posted…


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  8. CrossContextsSettings 1.0.5-pl | Author: goldsky

    This is a custom plugin to manage cross contexts' settings, so you don't have to open the contexts' editing page one-by-one to edit the settings.Submit any feedback and pull request to here:


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  9. GoogleCloudStorage 1.0.0-rc1 | Author: goldsky

    Media source connector to Google Cloud Storage.A MODX's extra to add Google Cloud Storage into media source, allowing basic manipulation, uploading and URL-retrieval of resources in a specified bucket.You need to create your authentication key file first on see the documentation at:…


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  10. ExerPlan 1.0.3-pl | Author: goldsky

    A health training and clinics system for MODX Revolution.The Exercise (workout) can be applied based on user group, or to individual user.The snippet has &requireAuth property that can block unauthorized viewing of private workouts and assessments.


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