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  1. Simple Ace Code Editor 1.5.2-pl | Author: indigo74

    Ace ( Cloud9 Editor) *simple* integration for MODx Revolution.Ace Provides best syntax highlighting and desktop-editors behavior (Sublime, Vim, Textmate) in your Elements, Files and Resources (when wysiwyg is disabled). It comes with a lot of color schemes (monokai by default).Features:Dead simple. Really.Works out of the box with sensible defaultUses latest Ace version 1.3.3 (want…


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  2. Login Notification 1.0.0-pl | Author: indigo74

    This plugin provides an email notification on manager login. This is a security feature so an administrator can quickly detect a fraudulent connection.Plugin features:Dead simple. Really.Works out of the box with sensible defaultDetects successful connection to the managerSpecify which address to send the notification to (and also CC/BCC).Conveniently provides useful placeholders (IP, useragent, ...)…