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  1. Commerce_Referrals 1.0.1-pl | Author: muzzstick

    This small module adds an extra page to the Commerce dashboard with a grid to keep partner company information.Each partner is assigned a referral token which they can then use on the end of a product URL to send customers to your shop.

  2. CommerceMultiLang 0.2.2-alpha | Author: muzzstick

    CommerceMultiLang is a module for Commerce by Modmore. It adds a custom manager page for managing products, adds multi-lingual support and manages product variations seamlessly.CommerceMultiLang requires Commerce, Babel and LangRouter to be installed first.

  3. modTimetable 0.2.0-alpha | Author: muzzstick

    A user-friendly Custom Manager Page for inputting weekly timetable data with options on how to display it on the web context. Render it in a HTML grid or straight to divs.

  4. modDiscourseSSO 1.0.0-pl | Author: muzzstick

    Single Sign On (SSO) Extra for MODX Revolution that integrates the Discourse forum software. extra requires MODX 2.3+ and PHP5.5+

  5. LocationResources 1.3.2-pl | Author: muzzstick

    LocationResources is a basic integration between the Google Maps API and MODX Resources.It allows drag and drop in the MODX manager to position maps and set markers which is then reflected on the web context (or others).


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  6. cycleResources 1.0.0-pl | Author: muzzstick

    A MODX extra for generating links to the next and previous resources in the same container.Perfect for portfolio sites.