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  1. getTvDisplayName 1.1.0-pl | Author: ncrossland

    An output filter to retrieve the display value of a TV, given the stored value. For example, if you have a TV which is a checkbox or listbox, you may have specified separate labels and values such as:   For the money==1||For the show==2||To get ready==3||Go cat go==4If you then output the value of the TV in a template using    [[*elvis]]it will output something like:   3If you use this snippet as an…


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  2. Autofolders 0.1-beta1 | Author: ncrossland

    Automatically move documents into folders based on their publication date, to keep your blog, news or other time-based documents neatly organised. When a document is saved, it is automatically moved into nested folders e.g. news/2011/3/document-name - if these containers don't exist, they are created.


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