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  1. GoogleStoreLocator 2.0.2-pl | Author: quadro

    The "Google Store Locator" enables a proximity search for your stores/locations on your site. Find and filter Stores/Locations by distance and provide users to find the closest store/location of their current position or address. GoogleStoreLocator can be easily integrated into your website and is fully customizable by chunks and styles.


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  2. ipCountryRedirect 1.0.2-pl | Author: quadro

    IP-Address based Country Redirect. The Extra uses the IP-API-Service of IPLocate to get the country-code of the user and redirects to the defined context.

  3. miniRTE 1.0.0-pl | Author: quadro

    Mini Rich-Text-Editor TV input type. The Extra lets you easily format text in a text input field to create HTML formatted output. All Buttons can be configured by a JSON.

  4. ImageOptimOnUpload 1.0.1-beta1 | Author: quadro

    ImageOptimOnUpload extra for MODX. This extra uses the ImageOptim API to optimize and/or resize, crop images on Upload to the File-Manager.

  5. BackupMODX 1.0.5-beta | Author: quadro

    The Backup MODX extra is a tiny dashboard widget. Just place the widget into your dashboard and click the "Backup" button whenever you need a quick backup of your site. After the backup is finished you can download the files separately or combined as a tar-archive.


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  6. personal Page Redirect 1.0.0-beta1 | Author: quadro

    This extra redirects a logged in user to a specified personal Resource. Just choose the Username on any Resource you want to refer to a specific user.