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  1. Locker 0.1.0-pl | Author: romain

    An helper to lock users out of MODX Revolution manager.It prevents login into the manager when planning some maintenance (backup, migration...).Only "sudo" users or users with the use_in_maintenance_mode permission (you would have to manually create it) would be allowed to log in the manager when being "locked".Sources & bug reports on the Github repository.

  2. VerticalNavigation 0.1.1-pl | Author: romain

    Transforms MODX Revolution west region (left navigation) into an accessible vertical navigation.Sources & bug reports on the Github repository.

  3. Resource Hider 0.2.1-dev | Author: romain

    Resource Hider is MODX Revolution component which allows you to hide/show some resources from the back-end tree.You can either hide all resources from a given parent, or hand-pick which resource to hide.This makes use of hide_children_in_tree & show_in_tree columns.Resource Hider comes (since v0.1.2-dev) with a CMP to allow you to easily restore your resources' visibility.Watch a quick preview on YouTube


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  4. Plugin Sorter 0.1.1-beta | Author: romain

    Plugin Sorter is a Custom Manager Page allowing you to define the execution order of your plugins, per event.

  5. CheckboxSortable 0.3.0-beta3 | Author: romain

    CheckboxSortable is a custom TV type with which you can select and sort multiple values in a Template Variable.Quick overview on YouTube


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  6. ResourceWatcher 1.0.0-pl | Author: romain

    A plugin for MODX Revolution that let you send emails upon resource creation and/or update.


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  7. Asides 1.0.0-pl | Author: romain

    Asides is a MODX Extra allowing you to easily manage "asides" on a website, using chunks.


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  8. cmpLauncher 1.0.0-beta2 | Author: romain

    cmpLauncher allows you to display a link or redirect a user to a particular CMP (Component/Extra page) based on the template ID or the resource ID you are editing.NOTE: there is no ACL check in the plugin for now, so the links/redirections will occurs to any user.


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  9. Chimpx 0.0.1-beta1 | Author: romain

    Chimpx is a MailChimp integration with MODX Revolution.Feel free to report bugs & request features at:


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  10. TeamLister 1.0.0-beta1 | Author: romain

    TeamLister allows you to manage and display your teams & members (company, non-profit…).


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