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  1. checksumFile 0.2.0-pl | Author:

    Create a checksum of any file in MODX and return a path with the checksum for cachebusting with frontend assets.Learn more at

  2. CopyContent 0.1.0-pl | Author:

    Easily copy your existing content from one resource to another. This is useful for testing content changes (and saving those for later) and publishing them afterwards back into the original resource. CopyContent supports ContentBlocks and can optionally copy TV values.Source & Issues at GitHub: by

  3. Updater 0.4.1-beta5 | Author:

    Updater - the universal update notifier"keeps you up to date with your MODX version information"Main features:Managed Update Information for core updates with security information Dashboard widget shows if there is an update for the MODX core available and if there are package updates available for download or install.E-Mail notifier which sends notifications about core updates, package updates…


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  4. phpconsole 1.0.0-pl | Author:

    Integration of phpconsole into MODX. Centralized remote error log and debug logging.


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  5. fbLikes 1.0.2-pl | Author: christianseel

    fbLikes is a small snippet that requests the number of fans from any facebook fanpage.fbLikes uses the facebook graph api for requesting the information and caches it for a specific time.Please report any bugs or feature requests at github:


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  6. PiwikVisitsSummary 1.0.4-pl | Author: christianseel

    This extra brings the Piwik VisitsSummary Graph to your MODX Dashboard. The package also includes a chunk with the piwik tracking code.Source code & Issues @ GitHub:


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  7. XRouting 1.4.1-pl | Author: christianseel

    XRouting is a simple plugin that handles requests for different contexts. It automatically switches the context based on a (sub)domain AND/OR subfolder.It's like the Gateway plugin from the docs, except you don't have to manually edit the plugin: it takes the http_host and base_url settings you have already configured in your context and routes based on that. It caches the http_host/base_url => context…


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