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  1. FileAttach 1.0.11-pl | Author: vchekryzvev

    FileAttach is a tool to create file collections. Package provides UI for MODx Manager to upload files to Resources, manage file list, view download statistics, snippet for front-end listing. Allows to count downloads, keep files privately (without direct url), calculate SHA1 hash for uploaded files, partial download, keep files categorized by user ID or/and resource ID, activate only for appointed…


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  2. FileLisTV 1.0.0-pl | Author: vchekryzvev

    Stores multiple file items in a list. Handy to create image sliders.

  3. WebDAV 1.0.0-beta | Author: vchekryzvev

    WebDAVMediaSource is a network media source for MODx Revolution.Supported operations:List directoryUpload filesCreate fileEdit fileDelete directory/fileDrag&drop items in treeCache directory listing and file metaProxify download requests to remote storageWorks with WebDAV v1 protocol. Recently no locking is supported.Tested with SabreDAV,, Yandex Disk.