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  1. BootstrapForMODX 3.3.5-pl | Author: wshawn

    Rapid deployment of web sites using Wayfinder and Quickcrumbs or pdoCrumbs, pdoResources, and pdoMenu. This MODX contribution allows the user to rapidly deploy Bootstrap sites by providing selectable CDNs and a drop in standard template which can be rapidly customized for use with Packages, layouts, and dedicated application front-ends. Features The publisher can select MaxCDN/Bootstrap,…


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  2. ObfuscateEmail-Revo 1.0.0-pl | Author: wshawn

    Simple MODX Revolution Plugin, which uses various methods to hide e-mail addresses from Spammers.It can find all common email addresses as specified by RFC2822, including all unusual but allowed characters.This plugin searches for all email addresses and "mailto:" strings in the html output, both inside and outside href attributes. In other words, it also encodes link text. It can find all common…


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  3. FontawesomeForMODX 4.3.0-pl | Author: wshawn

    Load Font Awesome from MaxCDN (Bootstrap), CloudFlare, or local storage for use with HTML5 sites and the BootstrapForMODX package.The MODX Font Awesome package will overwrite itself during updates, which is intended. Updates to the vendor's product should transparently pass to the site when updated. Major product releases will have a corresponding include chunk, which will be automatically upgraded…


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