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  1. Smugly 1.0.0-beta | Author: opengeek

    Smugly is a service class for the SmugMug JSON API and set of example Snippets that make use of this service.


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  2. AutoFixImageSize 1.0.2-pl | Author: gerritvanaaken

    Auto-detects every img element and checks if the width/height attributes match the physical size of the image file. Generates a correctly sized version of the image (via phpThumbOf) and fixes the src attributes. Works especially well with TinyMCE’s image insertion.Use the forum for feedback: is required!


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  3. RezImgCrop 1.1.0-pl4 | Author: valikras

    The outlet filter for images.This Outlet filter - the filter for images, you can reduce images, cut off or reduce and off.Often at adding of articles or news on a site, images turn out different, in design accurate images very well look. This filter does not break a proportion of the image and creates a folder in a directory "rezcrop" and saves images with a unique name, so that the system at repeated…


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  4. phpThumbOf 1.4.0-pl | Author: splittingred

    A custom, secure output filter for phpThumb, a thumbnail generation solution for images. Any phpThumb-compatable config options can be passed into parameter of the filter.


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  5. myGallery 0.9.0-rc1 | Author: uvjerry

    myGallery is a simple Gallery snippit that reads a directory and creates a page or pages of images found.It has pagination through use of a pagination class file and each image is placed within divs to make formatting via CSS easy.


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  6. DropboxUploader 1.0.0-beta2 | Author: bwente

    Title: DropboxUploaderDescription: upload files to a Dropbox accountAuthor: Brian Wente Uploader PHP class by Jaka Jan?ar the Evolution snippet for MODx Revolution.Dropbox is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online.        * sync your files online and across your computers       …


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  7. DIG (Dynamic Image Generator) 1.0.0-beta2 | Author: bwente

    DIG (Dynamic Image Generator)Based on the code found here is snippet is intended to be used as a placeholder for development and mockups, placeholder images allow you to define the size and location of images in your design without worrying about what the images will be. I would not use it on a live site, since it makes the image on the fly every time.


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  8. ProtectImage 1.0.0-beta | Author: stofke72

    This snippet will put your image as backgroundimag and puts a transparent image in front. People downloading the image will download a transparent image. If you set the background image through inline css (default) you can obfuscate the source path of the background image or you can set the background image in your css file. You can choose your own transparent image and use it to create a fake…


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  9. DirectResize Revo 1.0.5-pl3 | Author: vrtc

    DirectResize is a plugin that create thumbnails in real time for the content images using Highslide JS. HighSlide is a JS similar to lightbox / greybox / slimbox and many others but I prefere the Style much more. Instead of poping up and fading out the website it give the user the feeling not to seperate the photo from the page. PRE-REQUIREMENT: I take no Credit for the HighSlide Script. The only thing…


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  10. dewplayer 1.0.0-pl | Author: mouton

    dewplayer is a flash mp3 player created by dew (dewplayer website) or (dew's blog) The dewplayer snippet simplifies the flash player code generation.  


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