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  1. Subsites the MAD [HACK] 2.2.100-release | Author: madhyde

    This is the Huck pack that MODx can changes connection DBs each domain, subdomain.You come to be able to manage two or more domains by one resource. Because accessed DB of each domain changes, you might not be confused. You come to be able to operate the site by making the following configuration files, cashes, and data bases of each subdomain completely become independent. /assets/cache/siteCache.idx.php…


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  2. MadBoxr 0.7.1 | Author: madmage

    Using MadBoxr on a website that makes use of MODx is very simple. Everything is manageable from the TinyMCE Rich Editor. You need to create a link around the text or the image that you want to trigger the box. In this link, in the "Link URL" field, you have to insert a string that begins with #madboxr and can be followed by a ? and a list of parameters. Currently, parameters are the following:[ul]"w"…


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  3. The_Website_Marketing_Group 1.0.0-rc1 | Author: munkey

    This template uses default modx dynamic menu and is a simple layout and design with borders and a Header that can be changed from The Website Marketing Group.

  4. Subsites/Subdomains 0.1.0 | Author: xwisdom

    Use this little plugin to add sub domain support to a MODx site. This will redirect a given subdomain to a new startup and error page.


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  5. IMAP Authentication 1.0.0 | Author: aNoble

    I wrote this plugin to authenticate users against an IMAP server.Requirements:Your MODx manager or user account must have an account with the same name on your mail server. Also, your mail server must have IMAP access available from whatever network your webserver is located on.Support:Before submitting a support request to the forum there are a few things you should check. First of all, check your…


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  6. ManagerTheme like ModX 9.2 1.0.0 | Author: audut

    This theme take the same interface than ModX 9.2.


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  7. Quoteoftheday 1.0.0 | Author: international_calls

    Display a quote per day from a pre-defined folder. Can be set to 1 quote each day of the week, or 1 quote each day of the month. Thus, you need to feed as many documents as days you want to be displayed.Inspired from RandomQuotes posted in Sep 25th 2006, I needed a fresh new content (any document) every day of the month. You will find an example of this snippet into:


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  8. QM+ Theme 1.0.0-final | Author: thekiller237

    This is an updated CSS file is for use with QM+ versions 1.1.1 and below. It condenses the QM+ tools to site in the top, left corner of your screen to enable your site to be used while QM+ is enabled. More information can be found on .

  9. WeatherX 1.0.0 | Author: jesster444

    Allows the easy output of XML feeds from and*Metric and English output*Temperature, Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Conditions, Pressure, Humidity, and an Icon.


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