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  1. mxCalendar 1.1.11-pl | Author: charless

    mxCalendar is a full feature calendaring extra with ability to create repeating events, assign categories, and integrate with Google Map for location. This is a perfect solution for most users looking for an event management calendar or just a simple calendar component.DocumentationForum Support and RequestIssues and Enhancement Request (GitHub)


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  2. myCalendar 1.1.4-pl | Author: sergant210

    myCalendar is a simple calendar for ModX Revolution. It uses jQuery fullCalendar to render events in the frontend.


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  3. migxCalendars 0.9.1-beta1 | Author: Bruno17

    migxCalendars is a Date-Management-Extra for MODX Revolution.It is using Adam Shaws great fullcalendar and migxAngular for viewing/editing any kind of events/dates


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  4. ChurchEventsCalendar 1.1.2-pl | Author: jgulledge19

    Church Events Calendar is a complete calendar extra for MODx Revolution that was initially designed specifically for churches but would be useful in many other contexts.  Churchevents now supports templates and translations. FormIt and ColorPicker extras are required before you can install Church Events Calendar.See live demo.


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  5. iCalX 1.0.0-beta | Author: esnyder

    A simple extra for adding iCalendar file downloads to MODX Revo pages. Easily create an "add to calendar" link for your events.

  6. EventsX 0.1.0-beta | Author: jeroenkenters

    EventsX shows upcoming (and previous) events on a (jQuery) calendar and/or upcoming events list.


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  7. gCalEvents 0.3.0-alpha | Author: eelkevdbos

    gCalEvents is a component that requests a Google Calendar eventfeed. It enables you to easily integrate google calendar items into your website.It can be used to extract raw data from the feed and optionally parse the data to format it. To speed up the code, caching can be enabled.Both public and private feeds can be used. For private feeds you can either supply your privateCookie in the snippet call…


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  8. JSONDerulo 2.6.2-pl | Author: pdincubus

    JSON feed fetcher for common social sites, including:Eventbrite, Flickr, Google Calendar, Google+, Last FM, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube.Bug reports, issues, help and suggestions please see the GitHub page for this extra: README is on the GitHub page too!


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  9. sdStore 1.0.1-pl | Author: bezumkin2

    This package will install Simple Dream repository for MODX Revolution.There you will find:* Tickets - Blogs, comments and user-generated content.* Jevix - HTML validator, filter and typograf.* mSearch - simple search and filters with only russian morphology.* eventsCalendar2 - ajax calendar with events.* DateAgo - pretty date formatting.* Loginza - russian social authentication.* PhpHypher - hyphenation…


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