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  1. Notify404 1.1.0-pl | Author: MarkH

    Notify404 is a basic utility which will send an email to a pre-defined e-mailaddress when a 404 error occurs on the website.For more information see my Notify404 page.


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  2. DitsNews 0.2.0-alpha3 | Author: ditsmedia

    Deprecated: no longer maintained by author===================================Version: 0.2.0 alpha1Since: June, 23rd, 2011Author: Dit's Media ( GNU GPLv2 (or later at your option)Warning  !!!!Version 0.2.0 is not 100% compatible with 0.1.0! There are some database and functionality changes. As always, backup before updating!Also, the CSV import/export is missing in this release.…


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  3. modSwiftMailer 0.3.1-pl | Author: ReSpawN

    modSwiftMailer is a MODX Revolution native extension on the modMail object and is based on the open-source project "Swift Mailer".As PHPMailer is now, at best, a poorly maintained project with limited flexability when it comes down to the basics of sending mail, Swift Mailer is your best option and is nowadays preferred. Since Swift Mailer sends it's mail up to 3 times faster than PHPMailer, is also…


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  4. ResourceWatcher 1.0.0-pl | Author: romain

    A plugin for MODX Revolution that let you send emails upon resource creation and/or update.


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  5. mChimpX 1.0.0-rc1 | Author: bertoost

    A FormIt hook provided to subscribe an emailaddress to your Mailchimp list. Fully confiurable. 


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  6. FormItBuilder 1.3.3-pl | Author: marcushouse

    IMPORTANT NOTE: FormItBuilder is now deprecated.For new forms please use JsonFormBuilder.


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  7. nospam 1.0-pl | Author: andchir

    Protect email address from spam collectors.[[++site.mailto:nospam]]Output - Javascript string.


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  8. amazonSES mailing list 1.0.0-rc2 | Author: sumoborac

    Amazon SES mailing list is mailing list based on Amazon Simple Email Services. With the cost of $0.10 per thousand emails the Amazon SES are one of the most cheapest ways to send bulk messages without troubles of managing mail servers. 

  9. Cool PHP captcha 1.3.0-pl | Author: andchir

    Captcha hook for FormIt.Simple and cool CAPTCHA PHP implementation code:


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  10. MandrillX 1.0.3-pl | Author: bobray

    MandrillX is a class for sending email though Mandrill in MODX Revolution