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  1. ColorPicker 1.0.3-pl | Author: jako

    Color select custom template variable in MODX Revolution.


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  2. SuperBoxSelect 2.2.2-pl | Author: jako

    Advanced 'Listbox' / 'Resource List' template variable type for MODx Revolution based on the SuperBoxSelect ExtJS Plugin.


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  3. BreadCrumb 1.4.3-pl | Author: ben_omycode

    Breadcrumb is a snippet for MODx Revolution, inspired by the jaredc/splittingred's BreadCrumbs snippet.It will create a breadcrumb navigation for the current resource or a specific resource and add some new features as templates and direction.


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  4. CustomUrls 1.0.0-rc3 | Author: ben_omycode

    This extra allows you to define custom alias or URI patterns for your resources. It supports translit and Redirector packages.You can build your patterns from resource fields, TV, snippets and output filters and set some constraints like you'd do with custom forms.For example, with CustomURLs you can add the resource's ID or publish month in the aliases of all resources or just for ones whose parent…


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  5. SmartOptimizer 1.0.0-pl | Author: ben_omycode

    This extra is a MODx version of SmartOptimizer by Ali Farhadi : " SmartOptimizer (previously named JSmart) is a PHP library that enhances your website performance by optimizing the front end using techniques such as minifying, compression, caching, concatenation and embedding. All the work is done on the fly on demand. " To know more about SmartOptimizer :


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