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  1. Fred 1.0.0-pl | Author: theboxer

    Meet Fred, the Friendly Editor for MODX. Fred is a visual editor for managing your site from the front end.Learn more at https://fred.modx.comReport issues at


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  2. Fred Font Awesome 5 Icon Editor 1.0.0-beta2 | Author: theboxer

    Fred Font Awesome 5 Icon Editor is a supplemental editor for Fred.  Requires Font Awesome 5 to be loaded on your site to work.

  3. Fred Ace Integration 1.0.0-beta | Author: theboxer

    Integrates Fred to the Ace editor.When creating/updating elements, this extra will load all Fred Element data attributes from documentation to a completer and will suggest them after pressing ctrl+space.

  4. Fred Creative One Page Theme 1.0.1-pl | Author: matdave

    Creative One Page Theme for Fred - Based on Start Bootstrap on

  5. Fred TinyMCE RTE 1.0.0-beta3 | Author: theboxer

    Fred TinyMCE RTE is a supplemental rich text editor for Fred. It allows you to add control content editable areas in Fred by adding the data-fred-rte="true" attribute. 


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