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  1. Articles 1.7.11-pl | Author: theboxer

    Articles is a Custom Resource Type for MODX 2.2 and later, that adds a custom Article Resource to MODX that streamlines blogging, commenting, archiving, tagging, RSS and other features of MODX into one unified interface. Blogging has never been easier in MODX. Can also be used for news items, event management, and more.


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  2. GoogleSiteMap 2.1.0-beta1 | Author: sepiariver

    Generates a Google SiteMap XML.New GoogleSiteMap Snippet—many times faster than Version 1, but with less options. If params are specified that depend on the old version, it will be called.Please see the official documentation here: code is here:


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  3. TwitterX 1.3.7-pl | Author: Qodo

    TwitterXThis package loads Twitter feeds/statuses using the new (and very annoying) Twitter 1.1 API now that Twitter API 1.0 has shutdown. You will need to create a Twitter app and get the keys and tokens and call the TwitterX snippet which will load your statuses. This uses a chunk to quickly format the display of your statuses. Example of this in use on my homepage: now supports…


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  4. spiefeed 1.6.2-pl | Author: goldsky

    Feed aggregator based on SimplePie feeder.  


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  5. JSONDerulo 2.6.2-pl | Author: pdincubus

    JSON feed fetcher for common social sites, including:Eventbrite, Flickr, Google Calendar, Google+, Last FM, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube.Bug reports, issues, help and suggestions please see the GitHub page for this extra: README is on the GitHub page too!


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  6. UncosNews 1.0.1-rc1 | Author: unglued

    This is a very simple but very useful component for MODx Revolution lets you create on your site a simple page with the news.All news are stored in a separate database table, and therefore will not interfere in the resource tree.Simple and easy menu for adding and editing of news in the Components.News can be displayed in any form, anywhere on the site like list of recent news or a single extended…


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  7. SIMPLX Widgeteer 0.8.5-pl1 | Author: larscwallin

    Integrate and Mashup the easy way! More and more data on the web, as well as on local systems, are available through descriptive formats as xml and json. Such formats can be used to display data from other systems, such as news updates etc. Displaying, or rendering, information in a json feed takes parsing of the json data, extracting relevant data and inserting this data into some kind of template…


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  8. UniSender Integration 1.7.6-pl | Author: unisender

    UniSender plugin allows you to create an attractive subscription form for people who come to your site, which will greatly increase a loyal customer base. With UniSender plugin you can quickly and easily change your subscription form and install it on your website or blog. Information about subscribers will be automatically saved and segmented in your account UniSender


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  9. monTwitter 1.0.0-beta1 | Author: vdgraphics

    monTwitter is a set of snippets used to present twitter easier on you modx webpages. It is based on Shaun's splittingred blog article I just managed to filter unwanted characters with the twitter snippet used as a filter. This allow to properly handle the links into the rss flow. (see picture for links in…


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