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  1. phpThumbOf 1.4.0-pl | Author: splittingred

    A custom, secure output filter for phpThumb, a thumbnail generation solution for images. Any phpThumb-compatable config options can be passed into parameter of the filter.


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  2. pThumb 2.3.3-pl | Author: jgrant

    A fork of phpThumbOf. pThumb is a drop-in replacement for phpThumbOf and fixes many of its issues, adds a few new features, and improves performance.


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  3. MinifyX 1.4.4-pl | Author: bezumkin2

    MinifyX is a snippet the allows you to combine and minify JS and CSS files, thereby reducing calls to your server and speeding up your site while also saving bandwidth.Checkout for usage.From version 1.2.0 it includes Munee library and supports: LESS, SCSS and CoffeeScriptRequires PHP 5.3. Please read about Munee library at


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  4. phpThumbOn 1.3.1-pl | Author: ilyautkin

    abandonedAnalogue phpThumbOf, pThumb, phpThumbsUp, etc ... Compare fpthumbon with other components on my site (Russian). Documentation and project on GitHub.


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  5. Image+ 2.8.0-pl | Author: jako

    Advanced Image custom template variable type, allowing you to crop and resize images without modifying the source. Visual Image cropping tool integrated into the MODX manager interface.


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  6. SlideshowManager 1.1.4-pl | Author: jgulledge19

    Slideshow manager is a CMP (custom manager page) and snippet for MODX Revolution.  The manager allows you to easily upload new slides and schedule them based on start date and end date.  You can also just put slides in a TBD (to be determined).  Slideshow Manager allows you to have as many slides shows, called albums, as you want on your site.FeaturesSchedule slides by dateManaged slide show in the…


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  7. AutoFixImageSize 1.0.2-pl | Author: gerritvanaaken

    Auto-detects every img element and checks if the width/height attributes match the physical size of the image file. Generates a correctly sized version of the image (via phpThumbOf) and fixes the src attributes. Works especially well with TinyMCE’s image insertion.Use the forum for feedback: is required!


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  8. TinymceWrapper 2.3.4-pl | Author: donshakespeare

    TinymceWrapper suite provides you with a complete frontend/backend experience. The best and latest TinyMCE RTE via CDN (or local), a powerful and invisibly perfect frontend editor, TinyMagicPublisher, oh, and Three File Browsers to choose from. And state-of-the-art implementation of Ace Editor and CodeMirror.Now 2.3.1 (aka MIRANDA the beautiful) has full support for Markdown editing and parsing. (Markdown…


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  9. Resizer 1.0.1-pl | Author: jgrant

    A simple, modern image resizer for MODX. Built on Imagine, Resizer supports the Gmagick, Imagick and GD extensions and is considerably faster than phpThumb for image sizing and cropping operations.


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  10. DirectResize Revo 1.0.5-pl3 | Author: vrtc

    DirectResize is a plugin that create thumbnails in real time for the content images using Highslide JS. HighSlide is a JS similar to lightbox / greybox / slimbox and many others but I prefere the Style much more. Instead of poping up and fading out the website it give the user the feeling not to seperate the photo from the page. PRE-REQUIREMENT: I take no Credit for the HighSlide Script. The only thing…


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