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  1. Twilio 0.0.1-beta1 | Author: sepiariver

    The Twilio MODX Extra is an integration between MODX CMS and the Twilio API. The first beta release includes only a minimal set of features:Phone number lookup: validates and formats a phone number using [Twilio's Lookup API]( SMS: sends a message via SMS using Twilio's [Programmable SMS API]( Optionally set a callback/verification…

  2. MostPopular 1.0.2-beta1 | Author: sepiariver

    MostPopular is a set of session-aware tools that track MODX Revolution page views with customizable settings to improve accuracy and relevancy:- Logs page hits asynchronously (or not) and responds with JSON (or nothing)- By default, records page views per session, so that return visitors do not get logged until their MODX session expires- Fetch MODX Resource IDs with the most (or least) pageviews within…

  3. JaneyAI 1.0.0-rc1 | Author: sepiariver

    Janey is an AI-powered tool that helps content creators easily tag, find free stock photos, and source references so you don't have to. Speed up your workflow and enrich your content.JaneyAI is an unobtrusive MODX Extra that is seamlessly integrated with your publishing workflow, in a custom Resource panel.JaneyAI analyses your content and automatically recommends highly relevant tags. Add a tag to…

  4. ReCaptchaV2 3.0.1-rc1 | Author: sepiariver

    ReCaptchaV2 integrates V2 AND V3 of Google's ReCaptcha service into MODX as a FormIt hook. It supports the "invisible" ReCaptcha style as well as the latest ReCaptcha V3 implementation.This Extra is maintained in Github: for more info. Bug reports, comments and suggestions welcome.


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  5. Auth0 0.7.0-dev2 | Author: sepiariver

    Auth0Auth0 integration for MODX CMS.What does it do?Log in to MODX using any/all of the Identify Providers (IdPs) supported by Auth0, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Github, Microsoft, Dropbox, and dozens of others, including enterprise services.Synchronize MODX User records, and User Groups, across multiple MODX sites and the Auth0 User database.Log in to MODX with a one-time-use JWT.Practically…

  6. cssSweet 4.2.0-rc3 | Author: sepiariver

    A suite of tools to help manage CSS within MODX. Comes with output filters to modify CSS, and a plugin that outputs your CSS to a static, minified file.For more info:


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  7. OAuth2Server 0.9.0-dev1 | Author: sepiariver

    Grant, manage, and verify requests based on OAuth2 access tokens, in your MODX site.Potential use cases include:Authenticate 3rd party services like ZapierGrant access to REST resources, only to verified consumersRelease subscription resources only to verified subscribersTrigger actions on integrated platforms using authenticated REST hooksGithub repo:

  8. Ampify 0.0.4-beta1 | Author: sepiariver

    Effortless Google Accelerated Mobile Pages, aka "AMP", for MODX Revolution.Ampify is a MODX Revolution Extra that includes a toolset to easily serve AMP HTML for Google's search results pages. The package includes a Plugin, and a sample AMP Template.Managed in Github:

  9. ContextGateway 1.0.1-rc3 | Author: sepiariver

    ContextGatewayA MODX Gateway class that supports inherited Context Settings and 'aliases'. Utilizes advanced Context caching scheme by MODX Chief Architect [Jason "opengeek" Coward], and routing class by [John "TheBoxer" Peca]ContextGateway is for routing via subfolder, rather than domain. The unique feature of ContextGateway is nested "aliases" and Context Setting inheritance. If you need to use different…

  10. redirectoid 2.1.0-rc1 | Author: sepiariver

    A simple snippet that redirects to any Resource specified by ID, or a random child of a specified parent(s).Redirectoid supports various response codes described here: also exposes the arguments for the $modx->makeUrl() method for further customization.Thanks for using MODx Revolution.


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