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  1. Solid
    Batcher 2.0.0-pl | Author: sterc

    Batcher is a batch-editing Extra for MODX Revolution. It allows you to perform powerful actions on multiple resources, in order to save you some time.


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  2. Solid
    Provisioner 1.1.0-pl | Author: shamblett

    This component allows the provisioning of a revolution installation from another remote installation. Resources, elements, files and users can be imported with this release. Packages present in the remote installation but not locally are also listed. Please red the user guide at


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  3. Google Analytics Dashboard 2.0.0-pl | Author: sterc

    Google Analytics Dashboard is a custom MODX dashboard widget + component that will show data from Google Analytics. You need a Google Analytics account to use this plugin.Key features of Google Analytics DashboardShow visitor, traffic sources, content and search queriesShow website goalsNEW: Realtime statistics!Version 2.0.0 will be released 13-09-2017


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  4. simpleUpdater 2.1.1-beta | Author: ilyautkin

    MODX simple updater


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  5. AdminTools 1.12.0-pl | Author: sergant210

    Adds some features for MODX administrators and developers.


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  6. ClientConfig 1.4.2-pl | Author: MarkH

    ClientConfig gives your client a user-friendly interface for making site wide changes, while you as the administrator set up the different options available to the end-user.Possible uses include:Regularly update a slogan or tag-line in header or footerChange call-to-action button colors based on the seasonKeep contact details updated in one central locationUpdate the email-address a form sends notifications…


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  7. dbAdmin 1.1.3-pl | Author: sergant210

    dbAdmin allows to manage your MySql tables - export, rename, truncate and drop them. Also you can execute native sql queries.


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  8. controlErrorLog 1.1.3-pl | Author: sergant210

    This Extra adds new features:- ability to control the error log and to view it in a popup window.- email notification about changes in the error log. Every time when users load any page controlErrorLog checks the error log for changes. If they exist the notification will be sent to the specified email.


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