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  1. Solid
    Batcher 2.0.0-pl | Author: sterc

    Batcher is a batch-editing Extra for MODX Revolution. It allows you to perform powerful actions on multiple resources, in order to save you some time.


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  2. Solid
    Provisioner 1.1.0-pl | Author: shamblett

    This component allows the provisioning of a revolution installation from another remote installation. Resources, elements, files and users can be imported with this release. Packages present in the remote installation but not locally are also listed. Please red the user guide at


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  3. Updater 0.4.1-beta5 | Author:

    Updater - the universal update notifier"keeps you up to date with your MODX version information"Main features:Managed Update Information for core updates with security information Dashboard widget shows if there is an update for the MODX core available and if there are package updates available for download or install.E-Mail notifier which sends notifications about core updates, package updates…


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  4. Slackify 0.8.2-pl | Author: Alroniks

    This extra allow use simple api for send notifies into chat rooms or users in Slack service using incoming-webhooks.Usage instructions represented in readme file on GitHub:

  5. userTools 1.0.0-pl | Author: tasianmedia

    A User toolkit Extra for MODX Revolution.This extra includes a set of MODX Revolution snippets for retrieving Users and User related information.

  6. shopkeeper3 3.2.7-pl2 | Author: andchir

    Shopping cart and order management.Official site:


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  7. tagManager2 2.3.1-pl2 | Author: andchir

    Component for editing and output filters of catalog. Filtering and sorting of goods in the catalog. Demo


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  8. Google Analytics Dashboard Widget 1.0.6-pl | Author: sterc

    Google Analytics Dashboard Widget is a custom MODx dashboard widget that will show data from Google Analytics.You need a Google Analytics account to use this plugin.FeaturesCheck your site’s statistics from within MODxInformation about your site’s visitors, traffic sources, top content, goals and keywordsVisitors and goals are displayed in graphsTraffic Sources are displayed in a pie chart


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