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  1. JsonFeedOrg 1-pl | Author: dubrod

    MODX plugin to add a JSON Feed to your site with Template Variables to customize the feed per resource.

  2. NewsPublisher 3.0.4-pl | Author: bobray

    A front-end resource creation and editing snippet for MODx Revolution.


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  3. Grid Class Key 1.1.0-pl | Author: goldsky

    A custom class key for MODX Revolution's Manager to hide child resources inside container's grid.You can switch the current resource to be this class key, AND it can be reverted back to the usual modResource by changing the Resource Type inside the Settings tab.It only hides the child resources, and display them in the grid. Everything else is just as same as the usual modResource's form.Under making…


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  4. Facebook Integration 0.2.9-beta | Author: jan_salem

    This piece of Software will allow you to add a Facebook Feed or Event feed from one of your Facebook pages to your site. It is great for companies that want to update clients using the Facebook page, but do not want an ugly Facebook widget on their page.Please report any errors or feature requests on with ModX 2.5.1Needs…