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  1. modTimetable 0.2.0-alpha | Author: muzzstick

    A user-friendly Custom Manager Page for inputting weekly timetable data with options on how to display it on the web context. Render it in a HTML grid or straight to divs.

  2. middleFinger 2.0.0-beta1 | Author: demon.devin

    A simple, configurable context menu to replace a browser's default right click context menu.Supports keyboard shortcuts. Useful with the snippet showSource

  3. JsonFeedOrg 1-pl | Author: dubrod

    MODX plugin to add a JSON Feed to your site with Template Variables to customize the feed per resource.

  4. NewsPublisher 3.0.4-pl | Author: bobray

    A front-end resource creation and editing snippet for MODx Revolution.


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