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  1. Facebook Feed 0.2.7-beta | Author: jan_salem

    This piece of Software will allow you to add a Facebook Feed from one of your Facebook pages to your site. It is great for companies that want to update clients using the Facebook page, but do not want an ugly Facebook widget on their page.Please report any errors or feature requests on with ModX 2.5.1Needs PHP 5.4 or newer…

  2. NewsPublisher 3.0.1-pl | Author: bobray

    A front-end resource creation and editing snippet for MODx Revolution.


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  3. image64 1.0.0-beta1 | Author: demon.devin

    Converts a specified image to a base64 encoding for use within a CSS file, the style tags, or image tags.

  4. TinymceWrapperDIY 1.0.0-pl | Author: donshakespeare

    TinymceWrapperDIY.  Get technical, grow! Say no to TL; DR !!! With this tool you can achieve awesome. Get rid of all existing RTEs, all Code Editors (Ace etc), and never have to use MODX Native FileBrowser again. It's a DIY Wrapper. What you gonna build today!? 0. Disable existing TinymceWrapper Plugin IMMEDIATELY!!!! 1. DIY plugin code is same as TinymceWrapper's (with most things TURNED OFF) 2. Out…