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  1. FiveStarRating 1.0.0-beta | Author: alexmal

    FiveStarRating - simple rating system with five stars for resources.

  2. Google Analytics Dashboard Widget 1.0.7-pl | Author: sterc

    Google Analytics Dashboard Widget is a custom MODx dashboard widget that will show data from Google Analytics.You need a Google Analytics account to use this plugin.FeaturesCheck your site’s statistics from within MODxInformation about your site’s visitors, traffic sources, top content, goals and keywordsVisitors and goals are displayed in graphsTraffic Sources are displayed in a pie chart


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  3. AjaxForm 1.1.9-pl | Author: bezumkin2

    Small snippet for sending FormIt forms via ajax.Quick start1. Install FormIt.2. Call AjaxForm on page:[[!AjaxForm? &hooks=`email` &emailTo=`` &validate=`name:required,email:email:required`]]


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  4. Slackify 0.8.2-pl | Author: Alroniks

    This extra allow use simple api for send notifies into chat rooms or users in Slack service using incoming-webhooks.Usage instructions represented in readme file on GitHub:

  5. TinymceWrapperDIY 1.0.0-pl | Author: donshakespeare

    TinymceWrapperDIY.  Get technical, grow! Say no to TL; DR !!! With this tool you can achieve awesome. Get rid of all existing RTEs, all Code Editors (Ace etc), and never have to use MODX Native FileBrowser again. It's a DIY Wrapper. What you gonna build today!? 0. Disable existing TinymceWrapper Plugin IMMEDIATELY!!!! 1. DIY plugin code is same as TinymceWrapper's (with most things TURNED OFF) 2. Out…

  6. ParseX 1.1.0-pl | Author: gallenkamp

    ParseX is an extra for MODX to fetch XML files from any location on the web and put its contents into placeholders. It works with rss feeds, product lists, race results or any nested XML format.

  7. starRating 1.0.0-pl | Author: jerry325

    This Snippet displays an image of Stars in relation to the "starRating_Rating"passed to it. It is not a rating system, just a display


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  8. MODX Revolution Boilerplate 1.2.0-pl | Author: pdincubus

    A handy bunch of templates, chunks and snippets to get you up and running a bit more quickly.Also, comprehensive README, and a post-install Checklist on the GitHub repo: is, in part, a rewrite of my previous extra minus the assets directory, and with a lot of updates:


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  9. JsonFormBuilder 1.0.28-pl | Author: marcushouse

    JsonFormBuilder is a small framework to assist in quick development of forms and emails. Using simple JSON syntax OR by using a snippet (with some basic PHP commands), a complex form can be built much faster. Optionally is it also recommended to mix with the jQuery "Validation" plugin which adds in-line javascript validation methods automatically when enabled.…


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