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  1. EmailResource 1.2.2-pl | Author: bobray

    Allows you to email a complete version of any resource on your site with inline CSS.


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  2. Slackify 0.8.2-pl | Author: Alroniks

    This extra allow use simple api for send notifies into chat rooms or users in Slack service using incoming-webhooks.Usage instructions represented in readme file on GitHub:

  3. Google Analytics Dashboard Widget 1.0.6-pl | Author: sterc

    Google Analytics Dashboard Widget is a custom MODx dashboard widget that will show data from Google Analytics.You need a Google Analytics account to use this plugin.FeaturesCheck your site’s statistics from within MODxInformation about your site’s visitors, traffic sources, top content, goals and keywordsVisitors and goals are displayed in graphsTraffic Sources are displayed in a pie chart


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  4. REVE Chat - Live Chat Solution 1.0.0-beta1 | Author: revechat

    REVE Chat is a cloud based live chat platform that enables businesses with online presence to proactively engage with website visitors.Studies show that 56% of shoppers prefer Live Chat over other communication methods.As a live chat solution, REVE Chat facilitates online engagement to provide better customer service and boost sales conversions. It allows you to fully customize the chat experience…

  5. emo 1.7.2-pl | Author: jako

    E-Mail Obfuscation with Javascript.


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  6. virtuNewsletter 2.4.1-pl | Author: goldsky

    A newsletter system for MODX Revolution.The cron file is web-accessible, means that it can be used for 3rd party cron service outside of the origin web host.The email templates use Resources, so they can be easily edited by non-techy manager users. This makes it easier to avoid messing up the HTML codes in the chunksThe documentation is in here…


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  7. TweetThisMODX 1.2.3-beta | Author: stuntrocket

    For Content & Social Marketers Using MODXA great way for content and social media marketers to get their content shared is to use a TweetThis technique.A simple Tweet link around a compelling or shareworthy block of copy text makes it easy for your users to Tweet it, sharing your content for you. The functionality sits within your copy text and can be used frequently on a page without disrupting the…

  8. JSONDerulo 2.6.1-pl | Author: pdincubus

    JSON feed fetcher for common social sites,, Delicious, Eventbrite, Flickr, Google Calendar, Google+, Instagram, Last FM, Tumblr, Twitter, Vimeo and YouTube.Bug reports, issues, help and suggestions please see the GitHub page for this extra: README is on the GitHub page too!


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  9. MODX Revolution Boilerplate 1.2.0-pl | Author: pdincubus

    A handy bunch of templates, chunks and snippets to get you up and running a bit more quickly.Also, comprehensive README, and a post-install Checklist on the GitHub repo: is, in part, a rewrite of my previous extra minus the assets directory, and with a lot of updates:


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  10. Notify 1.4.1-pl | Author: bobray

    Notify sends email updates to users on your site and (optionally) posts to Twitter and Facebook. The users can be selected by User Group, and/or by tags specifying user interests. The updates are manual, rather than automatic, so Notify only sends them when you tell it to.


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