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  1. virtuNewsletter 2.4.2-pl | Author: goldsky

    A newsletter system for MODX Revolution.The cron file is web-accessible, means that it can be used for 3rd party cron service outside of the origin web host.The email templates use Resources, so they can be easily edited by non-techy manager users. This makes it easier to avoid messing up the HTML codes in the chunksThe documentation is in here…


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  2. Guzzle6 1.0.2-pl | Author: bobray

    Initial content

  3. Google Analytics Dashboard 2.0.1-pl | Author: sterc

    Google Analytics Dashboard is a custom MODX dashboard widget + component that will show data from Google Analytics. You need a Google Analytics account to use this plugin.Key features of Google Analytics DashboardShow visitor, traffic sources, content and search queriesShow website goalsNEW: Realtime statistics!Version 2.0.0 will be released 13-09-2017


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  4. emo 1.8.1-pl | Author: jako

    E-Mail Obfuscation with Javascript.


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  5. xPoller 0.0.8-beta | Author: ilyautkin

    Polls for MODX Revolution


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  6. Notify 1.4.2-pl | Author: bobray

    Notify sends email updates to users on your site and (optionally) posts to Twitter and Facebook. The users can be selected by User Group, and/or by tags specifying user interests. The updates are manual, rather than automatic, so Notify only sends them when you tell it to.


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  7. GoodNews 1.5.1-pl2 | Author: gadgetto

    GoodNews is a powerful integrated group and newsletter mailing system for the content management framework MODX Revolution. With GoodNews you can easily create mailings or newsletters and have them sent to your subscribers or internal MODX user groups automatically right from your MODX back-end. GoodNews is built with a lot of passion for details, a polished interface and easy operation. The sending…


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  8. CookieConsent 0.0.4-pl | Author: wtrainer

    For sites that have visitors in the European Union (EU), the EU cookie law states that each visitor must give their consent for most cookies to be used. The usefulness or benefit of this is a devisive subject!CookieConsent displays a message informing each visitor that the site uses cookies, with a link to your site's cookie policy.


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  9. SocialHub 2.0.0-pl | Author: sterc

    A MODX Extra which allows you to display social feed from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. It retrieves the following content per Social Media channel: Twitter: Retrieve posts from your own user timeline and/or retrieve posts by specifying one or multiple search keywords.Facebook: Retrieve posts from your own user timeline.Instagram: Retrieve posts from your own user timeline and/or retrieve…

  10. MODX to Nutshell CRM 1.0.1-pl | Author: sterc

    Now you can easily integrate your MODX FormIt forms with Nutshell, via the MODX to Nutshell CRM extra. Using the Nutshell API, the MODX to Nutshell CRM extra adds a custom hook you can add to your FormIt forms and generates leads, people and companies in your Nutshell environment based on your form fields.