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  1. miniShop2 2.4.17-pl2 | Author: bezumkin2

    WARNING! miniShop2.4 was completely rewritten, so you will need to change all your ms2 chunks.Please read this article carefully before upgrade from miniShop2.2!---Second version of miniShop. A handy e-commerce tool for MODX.Rewrited from the scratch, Custom Resource Class based component.You can try it at


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  2. Lob Address Verification for Commerce 1.0.0-pl | Author: tonyklapatch

    Verify customer addresses are real upon creation with the Lob address verification API. Configurable to reject as little or as many addresses as needed depending on response. Works with modmore's Commerce and only US based addresses.

  3. Digital Product for Commerce 1.1.0-pl | Author: tonyklapatch

    Sell files and resources with Digital Product for Commerce. Requires modmore's Commerce to use. Be sure to read the docs on Github.

  4. Print Order for Commerce 1.0.1-pl | Author: tonyklapatch

    Adds a print button to the order view inside Commerce. Like Packing Slip, but for the entire order. Customizable template inside printorder/print.twig. View the docs.

  5. Elfsight PayPal Button 1.0.0-pl | Author: elfsight

    Elfsight PayPal widget provides a simple way to allow your customers to make payments via PayPal on your website. Create buttons for single payments that can include taxes and shipping price; subscriptions with recurring option; and donations with specified or open value. Localization and a wide choice of currencies will help make transactions convenient.Try online-demo: 

  6. GuestOrderView for Commerce 1.1.0-pl | Author: tonyklapatch

    Lets guest customers easily view their previous orders with order ID and fields or secret from comOrder. Uses the frontend/account/order-detail.twig file in your Commerce theme. Requires Modmore's Commerce to use

  7. Commerce_Referrals 1.0.1-pl | Author: muzzstick

    This small module adds an extra page to the Commerce dashboard with a grid to keep partner company information.Each partner is assigned a referral token which they can then use on the end of a product URL to send customers to your shop.

  8. CommerceMultiLang 0.2.2-alpha | Author: muzzstick

    CommerceMultiLang is a module for Commerce by Modmore. It adds a custom manager page for managing products, adds multi-lingual support and manages product variations seamlessly.CommerceMultiLang requires Commerce, Babel and LangRouter to be installed first.

  9. AddressManager for Commerce 1.0.0-pl | Author: tonyklapatch

    Let customers add, edit, and delete their Commerce addresses in a simple interface on their account. Requires Modmore's Commerce to use.

  10. ResourceStore for Commerce 1.0.3-pl1 | Author: tonyklapatch

    Module for Modmore's Commerce (requires v0.11) to add a resource ID (from comProduct's target field) of selected delivery types to a user's extended field on purchase of an order. Can be used to easily create a dashboard of digitally purchased resources with pdoResources and a simple snippet to get the extended field values.