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  1. Solid
    modActiveDirectory 1.0.1-pl | Author: splittingred

    Integrates ActiveDirectory into MODx Revolution, allowing you to authenticate users against ActiveDirectory.


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  2. LocationResources 1.1.2-pl | Author: muzzstick

    LocationResources is a basic integration between the Google Maps API and MODX Resources.It allows drag and drop in the MODX manager to position maps and set markers which is then reflected on the web context (or others).

  3. SEO Tab 2.0.1-pl | Author: sterc

    SEO Tab is a MODX Extra that helps you optimise your pages for the best possible performance in search engines, like Google.Key features of SEO Tab:Manage search engine visibility (noindex, nofollow)Manage internal search behaviorManage your Google XML Sitemap(s)Manage 301 redirects both centrally and per resourceAutomatically generate 301 redirects when changing a resource URLFreeze URL functionality…


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  4. HybridAuth 2.0.2-pl | Author: bezumkin2

    HybridAuth enable developers to easily build social applications to engage websites vistors and customers on a social level by implementing social signin, social sharing, users profiles, friends list, activities stream, status updates and more.HybridAuth goal is to act as an abstract api between your application and various social apis and identities providers such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and…


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  5. UpgradeMODX 1.5.4-pl | Author: bobray

    UpgradeMODX provides a dashboard widget that alerts you to MODX upgrade, and lets you install them from inside the MODX Manager.


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  6. ParseX 1.1.0-pl | Author: gallenkamp

    ParseX is an extra for MODX to fetch XML files from any location on the web and put its contents into placeholders. It works with rss feeds, product lists, race results or any nested XML format.

  7. middleFinger 1.0.0-beta1 | Author: demon.devin

    With this snippet you will have the ability to replace the default context menu.

  8. SmushIt 1.0.0-beta | Author: Qodo

    This snippet tries to optimise and compress PNG and JPEG images for better performance using the optimisation API. This will help massively with Google Page Speed and can reduce image sizes by up to 70%. This will overwrite any existing images so is intended to be used as an output filter after pthumb or similar.As this is a first release, your feedback and requests are welcome.

  9. GoogleTagManagerMODX 1.0.2-pl | Author: stuntrocket

    This Extra allows you to add Google Tag Manager tags to your website, which means you can easily add Google Analytics and other types of tracking (e.g javascript error tracking) from your Google Tag Manager console without needing to edit your MODX templates again (after initial installation). If you're an SEO or Marketer who likes to experiment with tracking but is hindered by the technical aspect,…