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  1. Solid
    modActiveDirectory 1.0.1-pl | Author: splittingred

    Integrates ActiveDirectory into MODx Revolution, allowing you to authenticate users against ActiveDirectory.


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  2. SEO Tab 2.0.4-pl | Author: sterc

    SEO Tab is a MODX Extra that helps you optimise your pages for the best possible performance in search engines, like Google.Key features of SEO Tab:Manage search engine visibility (noindex, nofollow)Manage internal search behaviorManage your Google XML Sitemap(s)Manage 301 redirects both centrally and per resourceAutomatically generate 301 redirects when changing a resource URLFreeze URL functionality…


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  3. Foundation 6 1.2.0-pl | Author: gallenkamp

    Foundation 6 for MODXThis extra will install the foundation 6.4.2 framework. It will come with the "complete" package from foundation.zurb.comThe Extra has two MODX chunks (header/footer), one MODX template and all files of F6.

  4. LocationResources 1.3.2-pl | Author: muzzstick

    LocationResources is a basic integration between the Google Maps API and MODX Resources.It allows drag and drop in the MODX manager to position maps and set markers which is then reflected on the web context (or others).

  5. Big Brother 1.3.1-pl | Author: MarkH

    A Google Analytics addon for MODx Revolution 2.2.This component will give you access to an overview of Google Analytics reports directly from the manager (Quick overview dashboard widget + Full report in a CMP).The following reports are available:Site Content (By page and Page Title)Audience (Language, Country, Browser, Operating System, Service Provider, Mobile, Screen Resolution)Traffic Sources (Search…


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  6. UniSender Integration 1.7.6-pl | Author: unisender

    UniSender plugin allows you to create an attractive subscription form for people who come to your site, which will greatly increase a loyal customer base. With UniSender plugin you can quickly and easily change your subscription form and install it on your website or blog. Information about subscribers will be automatically saved and segmented in your account UniSender


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  7. HybridAuth 2.0.4-pl | Author: bezumkin2

    HybridAuth enable developers to easily build social applications to engage websites vistors and customers on a social level by implementing social signin, social sharing, users profiles, friends list, activities stream, status updates and more.HybridAuth goal is to act as an abstract api between your application and various social apis and identities providers such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and…


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  8. Slackify 0.8.2-pl | Author: Alroniks

    This extra allow use simple api for send notifies into chat rooms or users in Slack service using incoming-webhooks.Usage instructions represented in readme file on GitHub:

  9. UpgradeMODX 1.5.4-pl | Author: bobray

    UpgradeMODX provides a dashboard widget that alerts you to MODX upgrade, and lets you install them from inside the MODX Manager.


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