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  1. noembed 1.0.0-pl | Author: matdave Snippet and Output modifier for creating quick embeds from links to media sharing channels. 

  2. mixedImage 2.0.0-beta2 | Author: webinmd

    mixedImage — modx custom TV.Adds a new type of TV field: Mixed Image Input.Is the result of cooperation FastUploadTV and the standard file upload, part of the code is taken from FastUploadTV.Version 2.0:— Changed view— Added new features:The ability to manually enter the path to the fileNew setting when creating TV: Deleting a file, if set to «Yes», then when cleaning the field the file is physically…

  3. Adaptive Image 0.9.2-beta | Author:

    This Modx Plugin converts img tags in HTML output to img tags with srcset and sizes (media queries) attributes and let clients download the image file in an optimzed resolution. It uses phpthumb to generate resized version of the images.

  4. ImageOptimOnUpload 1.0.1-beta1 | Author: quadro

    ImageOptimOnUpload extra for MODX. This extra uses the ImageOptim API to optimize and/or resize, crop images on Upload to the File-Manager.

  5. Media Manager [BETA] 0.2.0-beta | Author: sterc

    PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS BETA, DO NOT USE ON PRODUCTION. PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK ON GITHUBThe Media Manager is a MODX Extra replacing the default Media Browser with an enterprise-grade media management solution, an initiative by SEDA and Sterc.FeaturesFully responsiveBuilt on jQuery and Bootstrap for easier future developmentFully database drivenVirtual categories, instead of folders to allow a file to be…

  6. srcset 0.1.2-beta | Author: dashmedia

    SrcSet is intended for use as an output modifier to easily generate a 1x and 2x version of images using the srcset attribute.2x image should only be generated when the original image meets the minimum ratio requirements (see system settings, defaults to 2)ImagePlusSrcSet aims to support ImagePlus, so far everything I've tried with ImagePlus and srcset works as expected, but if you find any bug please…

  7. getYoutube 1.2.0-pl | Author: tasianmedia

    A video retrieval Snippet for MODX Revolution.This snippet uses the YouTube Data API (v3) to search for specified channels or videos and return the associated data.Fully customisable and supports templates. Please see Official Docs for usage and options.


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  8. getVimeo 1.2.0-pl | Author: tasianmedia

    A simple video retrieval snippet for MODX Revolution.This snippet uses the Vimeo Simple API to search a specified channel and return requested videos and associated data.Fully customisable and supports templates. Please see Official Docs for usage and options.


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  9. Image+ 2.7.0-pl | Author: jako

    Advanced Image custom template variable type, allowing you to crop and resize images without modifying the source. Visual Image cropping tool integrated into the MODX manager interface.


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  10. Instagram Testimonials 1.0.0-pl | Author: elfsight

    The new Instagram Testimonials extra from Elfsight has got all it needs to make your customers’ reviews grab your website visitors’ attention – several layouts and templates, recognizable design and colorful emojis to liven up the atmosphere!Additional social proof and raising your prospective customers’ trust in your brand is one of the keys to a successful online business. This sounds like a…