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  1. Solid
    QuickCrumbs 1.0.1-pl | Author: opengeek

    A quick and efficient bread crumbs Snippet for MODx Revolution that allows chunk tpls.


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  2. LogPageNotFound 1.0.5-pl | Author: bobray

    Logs all front-end requests that result in a page not found (404) error.


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  3. RememberThis 2.0.2-pl | Author: jako

    Small session based remembering solution.


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  4. modAjaxify a simple ajax page loader 1.3.6-beta | Author: halvid

    The modAjaxify Extra automatically parses any (or selected) content links and ajaxifies them without destroying the actual link which makes it SEO friendly. That means that if the link is clicked the page will not be reloaded but the link will be loaded with ajax in a specific container (html element) as configured by the developer. Although if you open the link in a new tab it will load normally.modAjaxify is…


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  5. middleFinger 1.0.2-beta1 | Author: demon.devin

    A simple, configurable context menu to replace a browser's default right click context menu.

  6. middleFinger 1.0.0-beta1 | Author: demon.devin

    With this snippet you will have the ability to replace the default context menu.