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  1. Solid
    EasyCopyright 1.2-pl | Author: camgill

    EasyCopyright is a simple snippet for ModX Revolution that inserts the the current year and the site name.


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  2. Solid
    Dilbert 1.1.0-pl0 | Author: shamblett

    Having a bad day! A Dilbert always improves your outlook. A simple 3PC that gets the current days Dilbert strip from the Dilbert site and displays it. A shameless re-implementation of the NetBeans Dilbert viewer module for MODx Revolution.


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  3. modTimetable 0.2.0-alpha | Author: muzzstick

    A user-friendly Custom Manager Page for inputting weekly timetable data with options on how to display it on the web context. Render it in a HTML grid or straight to divs.

  4. ClientConfig 1.4.2-pl | Author: MarkH

    ClientConfig gives your client a user-friendly interface for making site wide changes, while you as the administrator set up the different options available to the end-user.Possible uses include:Regularly update a slogan or tag-line in header or footerChange call-to-action button colors based on the seasonKeep contact details updated in one central locationUpdate the email-address a form sends notifications…


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  5. middleFinger 2.0.0-beta1 | Author: demon.devin

    A simple, configurable context menu to replace a browser's default right click context menu.Supports keyboard shortcuts. Useful with the snippet showSource

  6. HybridAuth 2.0.4-pl | Author: bezumkin2

    HybridAuth enable developers to easily build social applications to engage websites vistors and customers on a social level by implementing social signin, social sharing, users profiles, friends list, activities stream, status updates and more.HybridAuth goal is to act as an abstract api between your application and various social apis and identities providers such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and…


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  7. Personalize 3.7.1-pl | Author: bobray

    Modx Revolution version of the Personalize snippet.  


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  8. middleFinger 1.0.0-beta1 | Author: demon.devin

    With this snippet you will have the ability to replace the default context menu.

  9. hashEmail 1.0.0-beta1 | Author: demon.devin

    With this snippet you can encode any email address into its equivalent Unicode decimal entity.This encoded email address will be read and translated back into its original, human readable form by the clients web browser. Converting your email address to Unicode will allow you to protect your email address from spam-bots that search the internet for email addresses.

  10. Structures 3.1.0-beta1 | Author: donshakespeare

    In the vast world of Content Building, Structures stands out as an honest and sturdy and beautiful giant. Use Structures to organize your content, be it multiple galleries at once, on the same page, sectioning your articles into easy-to-control chunks, you name it!Structures promises to hold your fort. Structures promises to be simple, to support your content.Structures will not literally blow your…


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