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  1. Solid
    modActiveDirectory 1.0.1-pl | Author: splittingred

    Integrates ActiveDirectory into MODx Revolution, allowing you to authenticate users against ActiveDirectory.


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  2. Solid
    Peoples 1.0.1-pl | Author: splittingred

    Peoples is a simple User and User Group listing component for MODx Revolution. It can be used in community sites to show who is signed up as a User for a site, and any User Groups within that site. See the official documentation:


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  3. LogPageNotFound 1.0.5-pl | Author: bobray

    Logs all front-end requests that result in a page not found (404) error.


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  4. Updater 0.4.1-beta5 | Author:

    Updater - the universal update notifier"keeps you up to date with your MODX version information"Main features:Managed Update Information for core updates with security information Dashboard widget shows if there is an update for the MODX core available and if there are package updates available for download or install.E-Mail notifier which sends notifications about core updates, package updates…


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  5. Personalize 3.7.1-pl | Author: bobray

    Modx Revolution version of the Personalize snippet.  


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  6. UpgradeMODX 1.5.4-pl | Author: bobray

    UpgradeMODX provides a dashboard widget that alerts you to MODX upgrade, and lets you install them from inside the MODX Manager.


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  7. middleFinger 1.0.0-beta1 | Author: demon.devin

    With this snippet you will have the ability to replace the default context menu.