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  1. Solid
    modActiveDirectory 1.0.1-pl | Author: splittingred

    Integrates ActiveDirectory into MODx Revolution, allowing you to authenticate users against ActiveDirectory.


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  2. Solid
    Peoples 1.0.1-pl | Author: splittingred

    Peoples is a simple User and User Group listing component for MODx Revolution. It can be used in community sites to show who is signed up as a User for a site, and any User Groups within that site. See the official documentation:


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  3. Antispam by CleanTalk 1.1-pl | Author: cleantalk

    CleanTalk completed the development extension for the MODX, to protect your website against spam and spambots. The anti-spam extension is compatible with MODX versions v1.x. and approved on the MODX official marketplace. This extension allows users to quickly and easily connect to CleanTalk anti-spam service. Its service provides 100% protection from spambots and provides a simple and convenient commentary/sign-up…

  4. VersionX 2.2.1-pl | Author: MarkH

    VersionX is a utility tool for MODX Revolution that will help you version your content in Resources, Templates, Chunks, Snippets and Plugins. Every save is recorded and can easily be looked back, compared and restored through the component, or the optional "Versions" tabs that get added to the update screens.VersionX 2.1.0 ships with the following languages: English, Czech, German, French, Dutch, Russian…


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  5. UpgradeMODX 2.1.2-pl | Author: bobray

    UpgradeMODX provides a dashboard widget that alerts you to MODX upgrade, and lets you install them from inside the MODX Manager.


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  6. SiteDashClient 1.0.0-pl | Author: MarkH

    SiteDash Client is a companion to the SiteDash service, by modmore. SiteDash gives you an overview of all your MODX sites, including information about your installed MODX version and installed extras, server details, and key configuration. The SiteDash Client package facilitates the secure communication between SiteDash and your site. If SiteDash detects a potential problem, it also sends you an alert…


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  7. PassChecker 1.0.3-pl | Author: census

    MODX package for checking compromised passwords against HIBP Passwords.After a user signs in their password will be checked against known breaches by sending the first five characters of a sha1 hash to the Passwords API. The user will be notified if the password is found. This creates awareness and provides a easy way of changing the password from within the pop-up.