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  1. Fred Creative One Page Theme 1.0.1-pl | Author: matdave

    Creative One Page Theme for Fred - Based on Start Bootstrap on

  2. DynamicFileVersion 0.1-beta | Author: dsteuer

    This snippet appends a dynamic version to the call of a css-file, js-file or image, so the user doesn’t have to refresh it’s browsercache actively when the file was changed. Its a simple, automatic browsercachebreaker for files based on their file change time.

  3. cssSweet 4.2.0-rc3 | Author: sepiariver

    A suite of tools to help manage CSS within MODX. Comes with output filters to modify CSS, and a plugin that outputs your CSS to a static, minified file.For more info:


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  4. svgSanitizer 1.0.0-pl | Author: suikerzout

    A MODX extra for parsing SVG files inline. The file is cleaned first, to make sure there's no malicious javascripts or external links inside.Uses the following sanitizer: additional information and bug reports, see Github.Why?Because SVGs are a perfect way for delivering sharp and scalable graphics on your site. And serving them inline makes them even…

  5. Theme.Bootstrap 2.4.2-pl | Author: bezumkin2

    A basic theme for MODX Revolution based on Twitter BootstrapSource code of the package on GithubpdoTools installed automaticly and you do not need any other snippets for basic functionality.


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  6. Bootstrap 1.0.29-pl | Author: earthperson

    Extra for starting with Twitter Bootstrap - open source front-end framework. This extra is especially useful for MODX Revo beginners and/or for the blank (fresh) MODX Revo installation with Twitter Bootstrap framework in the future.This extra has page on the GitHub also. Feel free to send a pull request from your GitHub account or create a new issue. Screencast: YouTube Contributor Website:


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  7. SizeMatters 1.0.3-pl | Author: bobray

    SizeMatters logs and displays the viewport widths of your visitors.

  8. Favicons 1.0.0-beta1 | Author: gallenkamp

    This package is a single chunk. It takes one image and creates a set of favicons from it.

  9. CET Manager Theme 1.0.0-beta2 | Author: dyranov

    Manager theme with sidebar menu. It opens when you hover. Don't forget to change the manager_theme setting to «cet».

  10. starRating 1.0.0-pl | Author: jerry325

    This Snippet displays an image of Stars in relation to the "starRating_Rating"passed to it. It is not a rating system, just a display


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