BreadCrumb 1.4.3-pl

BreadCrumb 1.4.3-pl

Released Mar 07, 2015 by ben_omycode

Breadcrumb is a snippet for MODx Revolution, inspired by the jaredc/splittingred's BreadCrumbs snippet.It will create a breadcrumb navigation for the current resource or a specific resource and add some new features as templates and direction.

Download 30kb (11747 downloads)
Downloads: 31,908
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.0.x or greater
Compatible up to Revolution 2.4.x
Supports mysql

This snippet support most of jaredc/splittingred's BreadCrumbs features :

  • maxCrumbs
  • pathThruUnPub (now as showUnPub)
  • respectHidden (now as showHidden)
  • showCrumbsAtHome
  • showCurrentCrumb
  • showHomeCrumb

And add new features :

  • chunk as templates (properties &containerTpl, ¤tCrumbTpl, &linkCrumbTpl, &maxCrumbTpl)
  • breadcrumb for and from specific resource (property &from and &to)
  • direction (property &direction)
  • showContainer property
  • useWebLink property
  • scheme property

Some features of jaredc/splittingred's BreadCrumbs are missing but easily can be replaced by chunk / CSS customization, as :

  • crumbSeparator
  • currentAsLink
  • descField
  • homeCrumbDescription
  • homeCrumbTitle
  • maxDelimiter
  • titleField

Github :

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BreadCrumb 1.4.3-pl

Fix a showHomeCrumb bug when home is unpublished or deleted

BreadCrumb 1.4.2-pl

Fix a dependency bug. getResource package is no longer needed.

BreadCrumb 1.4.1-pl

Fix currentCrumbTpl bug

BreadCrumb 1.4.0-pl

Simplify home crumb usage. Now, the &showHomeCrumb=1 property adds the home crumb at the start of breadcrumb and &showHomeCrumb=0 hides it if present.Add &exclude property to exlude one or many resources from breadcumbTpl @CODE no longer supported. Use @INLINE instead.&resourceId no longer supported. Use &to property instead

BreadCrumb 1.3.2-beta1

Add categoryCrumbTpl

BreadCrumb 1.3.1-pl

Add test to check if the function processTpl is already defined

BreadCrumb 1.3.0-pl

BreadCrumb snippet now works with property sets

Default templates chunks removed and replaced by properties

BreadCrumb 1.2.0-pl

Add &scheme property to define modx links scheme

BreadCrumb 1.1.0-pl

Add properties &from and &to to generate breadcrumb between to specific resources

BreadCrumb 1.0.0-pl

Public Launch

BreadCrumb 1.0.0-beta3

Add useWebLinkUrl property

BreadCrumb 1.0.0-beta2

Fix current resource checking when resourceId property specified

BreadCrumb 1.0.0-beta1

Initial Version

Version Released Author Downloads
12 Versions 1 Contributors 31,940 Downloads
1.4.2-pl Aug, 12 2014 ben_omycode 3,013
1.4.1-pl Aug, 07 2014 ben_omycode 346
1.4.0-pl Aug, 06 2014 ben_omycode 164
1.3.2-beta1 Dec, 11 2013 ben_omycode 3,073
1.3.1-pl Nov, 16 2012 ben_omycode 7,370
1.3.0-pl Aug, 28 2012 ben_omycode 1,859
1.2.0-pl Aug, 22 2012 ben_omycode 371
1.1.0-pl Apr, 23 2012 ben_omycode 1,991
1.0.0-pl Feb, 06 2012 ben_omycode 1,012
1.0.0-beta3 Nov, 19 2011 ben_omycode 687
1.0.0-beta2 Nov, 16 2011 ben_omycode 310