Gravatar 2.1.0-pl

Gravatar 2.1.0-pl

Released Jan 21, 2011 by lossendae
Globally recognized avatars Download 8kb (2203 downloads)
Downloads: 2,489
License: Public Domain
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Requires Revolution 2.0.x or greater
Supports mysql

Globally recognized avatars - snippet and custom output filter.

2.1: Fixed SSL urls and added support for generating profile links.
2.0: Added SSL support, specific options, and detailed Gravatar class.

Example Snippet Usage:
[[!Gravatar? &email=`` &size=`50` &rating=`r` &default=`wavatar`]]
[[!Gravatar? &email=`` &profile=`true`]]
[[!Gravatar? &email=`` &profile=`json` &secure=`1` &extraParams=`{"callback":"alert"}`]]

Example Output Filter Usage
[[+email:Gravatar=`40`]] <!--  (option value is numeric) generates image with size 40 -->
[[+email:Gravatar=`json`]] <!--  (option value is non-numeric) generates image with size 40 -->

Installation Instructions

Snippet: Gravatar
Description: Globally recognized avatars
Version: 2
Author: Oleg Pryadko <>
Since: Jan 16, 2011
License: Public domain (except possibly class file, which is based on
2.1: fixed SSL url, added profile support
2.0: added SSL, class files
Version 1
Since: May 22th, 2010
Author: lossendae <>
License: Public domain
To load Gravatar image URL with a snippet call use:
[[!Gravatar? &email=`youremail` &size=`yoursize` &rating=`yourrating` &default=`defaultavatar`]]
To load a profile URL with a snippet call use:
[[!Gravatar? &profile=`1`]]
The options available are:
&email: the email adress of the user.
&size: the size of the returned image (between 0 & 512).
&rating: the rating of the image. Most of the time users only have the default one. Can be: g, G, pg, PG, r, R, x, or X
&default: The defaut avatar - can be an url or one the following choices: identicon, monster, wavatar, retro, mystery (monsterid and mm also ok)
&secure: Whether to use HTTPS or not. Set to `0` or `false` to use HTTP, or set to true to use HTTPS. Otherwise, the snippet will automatically use HTTPS if the page that the snippet is on is accessed under HTTPS.
&extraParams: [NEW] JSON array of options to append to the URL. Please see the gravatar docs  at for the currently available options. Example: {"s":120,"option":"value"}
&profile [NEW]: [NEW] Instead of generating a URL to an image, generates a URL to the profile. See gravatar docs for examples on the different formats. Possible values:
0 or empty (default - link to profile image.)
1 or true (default profile URL/ VCF/ VCard)
json (JSON format)
xml (XML format)
php (PHP format)
qr (QR format)
Gravatar is output filter ready for email and 
size or filetype parameters.
For example, with Quip you can do it like that:
[[!Gravatar? &email=`[[+email]]`]]
or with a specified size :
[[!Gravatar? &email=`[[+email]]` &size=`40`]]
or by using output filter directly on the placeholder:
or with a specified size :
[NEW] You can also use a non-numeric output filter value to generate the profile (same as specifying &profile parameter):
[[+email:Gravatar=`true`]] or [[+email:Gravatar=`json`]]
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