By Bruno Perner (bruno17)

MIGX (multiItemsGridTv for modx) is a custom-tv-input-type for adding multiple items into one TV-value and a snippet for listing this items on your frontend.

It has a cofigurable grid and a configurable tabbed editor-window to add and edit items.

Each item can have multiple fields. For each field you can use another tv-input-type.

MIGXdb can manage (resource-related) custom-db-table-items in a TV and can help to create CMPs for custom-db-tables

See the official documentation here: http://rtfm.modx.com/display/addon/MIGX

Bruno Perner

New in MIGX 2.12.0

Changelog for MIGX.

MIGX 2.12.0


  • select db-fields from defined class and its joins for formtabs and columns
  • add categories and a category-filter to MIGX Configs
  • multiple grouping-levels for &groupingField
  • hooksnippet getformnames
  • add snippet migxAutoPublish for publishing by Cronjobs
  • add beforesave - hook to update-processor
  • allow string in where-property
  • add a default schema-template, used at create package
  • and some bugfixes

MIGX 2.11.0


  • groupingfield, preparesnippet, total, _count, improve @CODE
  • hooksnippet beforecreateform

MIGX 2.10.0


  • hooksnippet getcustomconfigs for importcsvmigx
  • support layout-rows/columns in formtabs
  • contextmenu 'flat formtabs'
  • multiupload to db, resizeOnUpload - plugin
  • [packagemanager] Add Extension Package - feature
  • respect joinalias in export.php and handlepositionselector.php
  • possible to use TV-value in migxresourcemediapath - snippet
  • [getImageList] inheritchildrentvname
  • MIGXdb add item before/after

MIGX 2.9.7


  • add emtpyTpl
  • fix some MIGX-grid width - issues
  • import csv to MIGX

MIGX 2.9.6


  • hooksnippet getcustomconfigs for export-processor
  • fix missing formtabs after saving

MIGX 2.9.5==============

  • fix Form tabs data being wiped after saving

MIGX 2.9.5==============

  • column-actionbuttons also for MIGX
  • export/import MIGX-items from/into MIGX-TV
  • get tinymcewrapper working
  • more config-options for combo-filter
  • Fix and simplify Redactor implementation to use MODx.loadRTE()

MIGX 2.9.4==============

  • [migxResourcemediapath] add contextkey as path option
  • button for 'alter fields from schema'
  • fix MIGX-grid width
  • custom grid for MIGX-TV
  • respect context-default-media-source - setting

MIGX 2.9.3==============

  • basic support for new TinyMCE RTE
  • fix assetsUrl/connectorUrl - settings
  • MIGX-TV MODX multifile-uploader/autocreate items 
  • MIGX-TV configurable contextmenues

MIGX 2.9.2==============

  • some smaller fixes

MIGX 2.9.1==============

  • add hook-snippet setting
  • some handleRelated - update - functions
  • destroy updatewindow on close

MIGX 2.9.0==============

  • [migxLoopCollection] allow use of foreign database
  • Sottwell's improvements on migxresourcemediapath
  • new snippet: migxGetCollectionTree
  • access to foreign database from default processors
  • improvements on multiple formtabs
  • make inline-editing for MIGX - grid possible
  • option to add MIGX-items directly without modal
  • listbox-cell-editor
  • movetotop,movetobottom - buttons for MIGX-grid
  • cell-editing for MIgXdb - grids
  • option to add MIGXdb-items directly without modal
  • [getImageList] &inheritFrom - inherit MIGX-items from parents or other resources
  • some migxredactor - fixes

MIGX 2.8.1==============

  • lets disable the 'Add Item' - button
  • new configs gridperpage and sortconfig
  • wrapperTpl for getImageList and migxLoopCollection

MIGX 2.8.0==============

  • resolve tables on install
  • render cross, also when empty string
  • reusable activaterelations - processors
  • [migxLoopCollection] tplnN
  • [#154] clean TV-value, if no MIGX-items
  • additional db-storage of formtabs and fields
  • get menue working in MODX 2.3
  • improve descriptioniscode

MIGX 2.6.8==============

  • some other small fixes
  • restrictive condition by processed MIGX-tags for formfields
  • Filter-Button for Reset all filters to default-value
  • extend date-filter
  • make cmp main caption translatable
  • Migx::prepareJoins - optional rightjoin

MIGX 2.6.7==============

  • add date - filter
  • add handlepositionselector - processor
  • add snippet exportmigx2db

MIGX 2.6.6==============

  • fixes only

MIGX 2.6.5==============

  • fix bug with migxResourceMediaPath

MIGX 2.6.5==============

  • fix not working richtext-editors in MIGXdb
  • add emptyThrash - process to MIGXdb

MIGX 2.6.4==============

  • [redactor-field] get and use file-properties from a redactor-inputTV
  • add renderImageFromHtml - renderer

MIGX 2.6.3==============

  • configurable redactor-field with configs-configuration, make redactor work in MIGXdb - CMP

MIGX 2.6.2


  • fix issue with imported configs-field, if not an array

MIGX 2.6.1


  • Make Formfields translatable

MIGX 2.6


  • [getImageList] output inner arrays as json-string
  • added polish translation
  • [getImageList] splits, build summaries
  •  make grid-columns translatable, let user add custom-lexicons from custom php-config-files

MIGX 2.5.11


  • add simple MIGXdb - validation (only required for now)
  • some fixes

MIGX 2.5.9


  • let us create new indexes, with altered field-def from schema
  • optimize input-option-values-handling, see:http://forums.modx.com/thread/79757/sortable-editable-list-of-checkboxes?page=4#dis-post-483240

MIGX 2.5.8


  • Added 'showScreenshot' (big image in popup)
  • Added template-field for direct template-input for renderChunk
  • Added position - selector for new MIGX - items
  • Fix for not removed rte-editors when using formswitcher
  • send current store-params to iframe-window

MIGX 2.5.6


  • Add support for the modmore.com Redactor editor
  • some work on multiuploader for MIGXdb
  • more eNotice - fixes

MIGX 2.5.2


  • read input-options into MIGX-TV
  • respect filter in default - export.php
  • fix for empty value in TV - configs not loading renderers etc.
  • fix changed processaction-param after export2csv
  • stopEvent() by onClick - event

MIGX 2.5.1


  • fix bug with renderChunk - renderer

MIGX 2.5


  • get different rtes working - support for tinymce, ckeditor
  • some settings for MIGXfe
  • cs - lexicons,
  • some eNotice - fixes
  • fix with to big integers on TV-id (set phptype to string)
  • limit MIGX-record-count

MIGX 2.4.2


  • columnButtons for the migx - grid
  • little form-layout-mods
  • added the option to have the first formtab outside the other tabs above of them.
  • added the option to use the TV-description-field as parsed code-areas in the formtabs, modx-tags are parsed there -
  • snippets, chunks, output-filters can be used there. All fields of the record can be used as placeholders.
  • migxupdate for MIGXfe
  • default-values for MIGXdb-filters
  • update coid in iframe-window
  • add a searchbox to MIGX-Configurator
  • read configs directly from exported configs-files from custom-packages - directory by using configname:packagename - configs

MIGX 2.4.1


some new snippets:

  • getDayliMIGXrecord
  • migxgetrelations

  • added beta treecombo-filter-option for example to filter resources in MIGXdb by resourcetree
  • add window-title configuration, make window-caption dynamic (its possible to use placeholders now)
  • hide tabs in form, when only one tab
  • added selectposition - renderer

MIGX 2.4.0


  • new renderer - switchStatusOptions
  • new renderer - renderChunk
  • getImageList - added 'contains' and 'snippet' - where-filters
  • add duplicate-contextmenue to MIGXdb
  • new property for getImageList: &reverse
  • give TVs in each CMP-tab a unique id
  • refresh grid after closing iframe-window
  • added tpln{n} tplFirst tplLast tpln tploneresult properties to getImageList
  • export jsonarray-fields as separate fields in csv-export
  • alias, breadcrumb and ultimateparent for migxREsourceMediaPath
  • Added TV - description - field to configuration

MIGX 2.3.1


  • some eNotice - error - fixes
  • add type - configuration to gridcolumns, now its possible to sort also numeric on the MIGX - grid: see https://github.com/Bruno17/MIGX/issues/41

MIGX 2.3.0


  • add multifile - uploader, upload to MIGX - mediasource
  • add load from mediasource - button to MIGX
  • add migxResourcePath - snippet
  • add iframe - support - its now possible to create chunks with snippet-calls and show the result in an iframe-window. used by multifile-uploader.

MIGX 2.2.3


  • confirmation before overriding schema-files
  • some additions for childresources-management by MIGXdb
  • switch between multiple forms - configurations
  • add renderDate - renderer , thanks to Jako
  • additional send all store-baseParams when opening the form-window. This way we can have different forms depending on filters for example.
  • add parent-property for dynamic filter-comboboxes
  • add getliste-where for default getlist-processor
  • export formtabs as clean json in editraw-mode

MIGX 2.2.2


  • add migxLoopCollection-snippet
  • move prepareJoins into a migx-method
  • confirmation before remove db-record, getcombo did not use idfield
  • allow empty prefix
  • add possibility to use tables without 'deleted' - field and default-getlist-processor
  • fix Call-time pass-by-reference errors
  • get tinyMCE to work on richtext-TV-inputs in MIGXdb - CMPs
  • fix prefix not sended to writeSchema
  • grid add cls 'main-wrapper' to give it a bit padding, thanks to jako

MIGX 2.2.0


  • export/import configuration-objects as json to/from files in custom-package-directories
  • new configs: getlist - defaultsort, joins, gridloadmode (by button, auto)
  • grid-smarty-template now can be also in custom-package-directories
  • reworked handling of joined objects in default update-php
  • add connectedobjectid baseparam to migx-grid
  • added snippet migxLoopCollection

MIGX 2.1.1


  • fix for migx-snippet not working with multiple calls on one page
  • resource_id as script-property for getlist-processor when used with migx-snippet

  <p>MIGX 2.1.0</p><p>==============</p><ul><li>&nbsp; add &sort to the getImageList - snippet</li><li>&nbsp; add new snippet 'migx' to get items from db-tables, can use the same configurations and getList - processors as the MIGXdb - manager</li><li>&nbsp; make it possible to have config-files for grids and processors in another package-folder for easier packaging together custom - packages</li><li>&nbsp; more MIGXdb - configurations</li></ul><p>MIGX 2.0.1</p><p>==============</p><ul><li>more E_NOTICE - Error - fixes</li><li>Fix Missing Add - Item - Replacement - String </li></ul><p></p><p>MIGX 2.0.0</p><p>==============</p><p>- pl</p><ul><li>&nbsp; fix for Revo 2.2.2</li><li>&nbsp; fix some E_NOTICE - errors</li></ul><p></p><p>- new in beta5</p><ul><li>&nbsp; Configure multiple CMP - tabs</li><li>&nbsp; packagemanager ported to extjs - tab</li><li>&nbsp; added MIGX-setup/upgrade - tab</li><li>&nbsp; added configurable text and combo - filterboxes</li></ul><p></p><p>- new in beta3</p><ul><li>&nbsp; This is a preview-version of MIGXdb</li><li>&nbsp; MIGXdb can now also be used as configurable CMP</li><li>&nbsp; MIGX - configurator for tabs, columns, MIGXdb-TV and MIGXdb-CMP</li><li>&nbsp; Package-manager, create and edit schemas and package-tables</li></ul><p></p><p>- new:</p><ul><li>&nbsp; better compatibility with revo 2.2</li></ul><ul><li>&nbsp; working with mediasources</li></ul><ul><li>&nbsp; starting with MIGXdb (very dev)</li></ul>


February 8, 2018
Supported Versions
2.2 – Current

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