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By Vasiliy Naumkin (bezumkin2)

New feature: modx tag code autocompletion! Press Ctrl+Space to get code suggestions with descriptions.

Works for snippets, chunks, system settings, tvs and resource fields, filters and properties.

Property sets, lexicon entries are not supported. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to retrieve chunk-specific placeholders, so there is no placeholder support.

Vasiliy Naumkin

New in Ace 1.8.0

Ace 1.8.0


- Added: autocompletion for php functions.

Ace 1.7.0


- Added: new system setting "ace.grow".

- Added: new system setting "ace.htmlelementsmime".

Ace 1.6.5


- Added: "Twig" syntax for support of Twig in chunks.

- Changed: Plugin is not static anymore.

Ace 1.6.4


- Fixed: Support of emmet in smarty mode. Again.

Ace 1.6.3


- Fixed: Support of emmet in smarty mode.

Ace 1.6.2


- Fixed: Editor mode handling.

- Added: "Markdown" syntax for mime type "text/x-markdown".

Ace 1.6.1


- Fixed : Work with enabled system setting "compressjs".

Ace 1.6.0


- Added: "Smarty" syntax for support of Fenom in chunks.

- Updated: Ace to version 1.2.0.

Ace 1.5.1


- Fixed: Bug with narrowing of the textarea.

Ace 1.5.0


- Changed: Assets are moved back to /assets/

- Fixed: MODx tag completions (was completely broken)

- Added: Editor height setting

Ace 1.4.3


- Added: MODx tag completions (Ctrl+Space)

- Fixed: Issue caused AjaxManager (MODx Manager speed booster plugin) tree drag'n'drop bug

Ace 1.4.2


- Added: Undo coalescing

- Changed: Mac fullscreen command is bound to Command+F12

- Added: Drag delay (allow to start new selection inside current one) for Mac

- Fixed: Use file extension of static chunks to detect code syntax

Ace 1.4.1


- Fixed: Tab handling

- Fixed: Emmet shortcut listing by Ctr+Alt+H

- Added: Expandable snippets support (see ace.snippets setting)

- Added: Emmet wrapwithabbreviation command (Alt+W)

Ace 1.4.0


- Added: Emmet (aka Zen Coding) support

- Added: Terminal dark theme

- Added: Hotkey table (Ctrl+Alt+H)

- Fixed: Resource overview fatal error

- Changed: Assets are moved to /manager/assets/components/

Ace 1.3.3


- Added: PHP live syntax check

- Added: Chaos dark theme

- Added: Setting showinvisibles

Ace 1.3.2


- Fixed: The bug while installing the Ace

- Fixed: Broken wordwrap setting

- Added: Tab settings (tab size, soft tab)

- Added: Now completele compatible with AjaxManager extra

Ace 1.3.1


- Changed: Plugin content now is stored in static file

Ace 1.3.0


- Added: German translation

- Added: MODx tags highlighting

- Added: Ambiance and xcode themes

- Added: less/scss syntax highlighting

- Added: Fullwindow mode (Ctrl + F11)

- Changed: Editor now ignores wich_editor setting. Set use_editor to false to use ACE for Resources.

Ace 1.2.1


- Changed: Assets are moved to manager folder

- Added: Font size setting

- Added: "GitHub" theme

- Added: Support of html5 drag'n'drop (accepting of dropped text)

- Added: XML / HTML tag autoclosing

- Fixed: broken en lexicon and php 5.3 incompatibility

Ace 1.2.0


- Removed: Some unnecessary options

- Changed: Editor options are moved to system settings

- Fixed: Multiple little editor bugs

- Added: Add missing "OnFileEditFormPrerender" event to MODx

- Added: Multiline editing

- Added: Advanced find/replace window

Ace 1.1.0


- Fixed: Fatal error on document create event

- Fixed: Changing of properties has no effect

- Added: File edition support

- Added: MODx tree elements drag'n'drop support

- Added: Auto-assigning whichelement_editor to Ace

Ace 1.0.0


- Added: Plugin properties to adjust how Ace behaves

- Initial commit



February 28, 2019
Supported Versions
2.2 – Current

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