AdminTools 1.8.0-beta

AdminTools 1.8.0-beta

Released Aug 24, 2016 by sergant210

Adds some features for MODX administrators and developers.

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 120kb (111 downloads)
Downloads: 5,618
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Supports mysql

A basic Extra for MODx Revolution Administrators. It adds some features:

  • favorites elements to the elements tree (for each user individually);
  • elements log (a button to the topbar of the elements tree);
  • ability to remember the last system settings filter parameters - namespace and area (for each user individually);
  • ability to switch off check the permissions for users with sudo
    while building the element tree. It reduces building time from 0,43s to 0,03s
    and amount of used memory from 6.5Mb to 5.2Mb (on my test site);
  • system setting that switches off clearing the site cache
    when any resource is saving. If ON MODX clears only the cache of the edited resource;
  • system setting for hiding the component description in the Extras menu;
  • backend users can be authorized via email. Need to do some manipulations.
  • automatic log out the user if he is blocked or inactive.
  • user notes. You can find it in the user menu next to other user items (profile, messages, logout). 
  • a tab "Resources" in the template form and a link to the template in the resource form.
  • animation of the manager menu.
  • alternative permissions for resources.

All these features can be switched Off/On by the corresponding system setting. Some features are disabled by default.

See on Github

Installation Instructions

Via Package Manager.

After installation go to the system settings for tuning AdminTools features as you need.

Version Released Author Downloads
15 Versions 1 Contributors 5,619 Downloads
1.12.1-pl Feb, 03 2018 sergant210 1,057
1.12.0-pl Jul, 27 2017 sergant210 902
1.11.2-pl Mar, 04 2017 sergant210 766
1.11.1-pl Dec, 10 2016 sergant210 526
1.11.0-pl Dec, 07 2016 sergant210 137
1.10.1-beta Oct, 21 2016 sergant210 365
1.10.0-beta Oct, 19 2016 sergant210 118
1.9.0-pl Oct, 02 2016 sergant210 221
1.8.2-pl Sep, 15 2016 sergant210 236
1.8.1-beta Aug, 26 2016 sergant210 212
1.7.0-pl May, 29 2016 sergant210 344
1.6.0-pl May, 02 2016 sergant210 201
1.5.0-pl Apr, 21 2016 sergant210 132
1.4.1-beta Feb, 05 2016 sergant210 291