AjaxUpload 1.5.5-pl2

AjaxUpload 1.5.5-pl2

Released Jun 04, 2018 by jako

Display an upload button for uploading multiple files with progress counter. The upload queue could be filled and saved by Formit hooks.

Download 85kb (385 downloads)
Downloads: 6,272
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.5.x or greater
Supports mysql

With the snippet an upload button for uploading multiple files with progress counter is generated. Works well in FF3.6+, Safari4+, Chrome and falls back to hidden iframe based upload in other browsers, providing good user experience everywhere.

All uploaded files and generated thumbnails are given random filenames to avoid hotlinking uploaded not published files. Automatic thumbnail generation for uploaded jpeg, png and gif files. Other uploaded files will get a generic icon the file extension.

With two FormIt hooks the upload queue could be pre filled from a FormIt field value and be saved into a FormIt field value. With a third FormIt hook the uploaded files could be attached to the FormIt mails.

Installation Instructions

Installation by MODX Package Management

See the docs for further instructions.

  • Restrict of maxConnections to prevent upload queue issues

Version Released Author Downloads
16 Versions 1 Contributors 5,818 Downloads
1.5.5-pl May, 17 2018 jako 82
1.5.3-pl Aug, 31 2016 jako 829
1.5.2-pl Aug, 25 2016 jako 146
1.5.1-pl Aug, 15 2016 jako 191
1.5.0-pl Jul, 27 2016 jako 184
1.4.2-pl Mar, 03 2016 jako 449
1.4.1-pl Feb, 10 2016 jako 210
1.4.0-pl Feb, 09 2016 jako 241
1.3.0-pl Aug, 11 2015 jako 651
1.2.0-pl3 Aug, 08 2015 jako 224
1.2.0-pl2 Aug, 05 2015 jako 208
1.2.0-pl Aug, 02 2015 jako 175
1.1.1-pl2 Oct, 10 2014 jako 699
1.1.1-pl Oct, 08 2014 jako 217
1.1.0-pl Sep, 20 2013 jako 927