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By Jan Peca (theboxer)

Articles is a Custom Resource Type for MODX 2.2 and later, that adds a custom Article Resource to MODX that streamlines blogging, commenting, archiving, tagging and other features of MODX into one unified interface. Blogging has never been easier in MODX. Can also be used for news items, event management, and more.

This version requires MODX Revolution 2.2.1+ to run. It will not work on 2.2.0; please use Articles 1.4.7 for that version.

Jan Peca

New in Articles 1.7.11

New in 1.7.11

  • Updated view/close buttons to work correctly with the overriding

New in 1.7.10

  • Fixes bug: TVs were not getting parsed into Latest Articles Chunk
  • Fixes View and Close buttons
  • Updated getPage to 1.2.4
  • Fixed showing TVs below content

New in 1.7.9

  • Add setting for default published status of new article
  • Updated getlist to be multibyte safe and article update getButtons override change
  • 2.3 Fixes

New in 1.7.8

  • Fix processor not found error on Article update

New in 1.7.7

  •  #90 Fix Articles in Revolution 2.3
  •  #87 Implement compatibility for ContentBlocks (v1.1)

New in 1.7.6

  •  #50 Conditionally load classes in controller
  •  #68 Fix False Positive on Confirm Navigation warning
  •  #64 Remove static html code from page.nav placeholder
  •  62 Allow number at start of tag to be treated still as tag (@jasonbird)
  •  Update getResources to 1.6.1

New in 1.7.5

  • #54 Fix RSS Feeds (Revert PR #15,#25) 

New in 1.7.4

  • Add support for disabled cachealiasmap

New in 1.7.3

  • Change package name from Articles to articles for xPDO compatibility

New in 1.7.2

  • Rebuilt tagging component. Thanks to Jan Peca (TheBoxer)

New in 1.7.1

  • #20 Improve RTE on Create Stability
  • #24 Fix pasting predefined comma separated tags in tags field

New in 1.7.0

  • Added typeahead to tags (superboxselect)

New in 1.6.9

  • Fix post to Twitter - thanks to mintnl
  • Fixed sorting articles in grid - thanks to TheBoxer
  • Ensure Package Provivder is always correct - thanks to Bob Ray

New in 1.6.8

  • Fix Broken Preview URLs after initial save (Issue 9)

New in 1.6.7

  • Fix bug causing Empty Cache checkbox to be unchecked after save

New in 1.6.6

  • Bugs, Feature Requests and generic discussion now on GitHub Issues here
  • Set depth to 0 when looking for Article Container children
  • added Clear Cache checkbox to Article Publishing Information panel
  • Fixed right click Article Container > Write New links bug
  • Fix default template on Article Import (from MODX Resources)
  • removed Rich Text setting from Article Container
  • added 'Editing Options' panel with Rich Text option
  • Rich Text is now managed on the Article level
  • Add check to only search the alias map if it's an array
  • Lexicon updates
  • Updated Quip to 2.3.3-pl

New in 1.6.5

  • Add in includeContent param to getResources call in post listing if introtext is empty
  • Fix wrong signature after getResources update to 1.6.0-pl
  • Add Italian translation
  • Use MODX.loadPage instead of direct location changes
  • [#8344] Fixed Template combos only show ID and not name with many templates

New in 1.6.4

  • Update getResources to 1.6.0-pl
  • [#9508] System Settings added for controlling date and time format for list view in manager.
  • Add Comment Sort Direction option

New in 1.6.3

  • Enable tag filtering in RSS
  • Update Quip to 2.3.2-pl
  • Update Archivist to 1.2.4-pl
  • [#8443] Add Other properties setting for Latest Posts widget

New in 1.6.2

  • Fix RSS item URLs for sites with non-root site URLs
  • Fix issues with package management for subpackages when zips are not found
  • [#8194] Add ability to change createdby for Articles for users with publish ability
  • Update German/Dutch translations
  • Update getPage to 1.2.3-pl
  • Update getResources to 1.5.0-pl
  • Future-proofing for MODX 2.3

New in 1.6.1

  • Update Quip to 2.3.1-pl
  • Update Archivist to 1.2.3-pl

New in 1.6.0

  • [#6373] Add ability to control the structure of the URLs generated for articles
  • [#7560] Fix issue with Quip during installs
  • [#7544] Fix issues with friendlyurls setting

New in 1.5.1

  • Update Quip to 2.3.0-pl
  • Update tagLister to 1.1.7-pl
  • [#7559] Display ID of Article in articles grid
  • [#7550] Fix JS issue with Create New Article button

New in 1.5.0

  • [#7313] Ensure that the archive URI is always set prior to notifications during a publishing event
  • [#7419] Add ability to duplicate single Articles
  • [#7517] Add ability to duplicate Articles Container
  • Deprecate custom DB fields to use new properties field on modResource

New in 1.4.7

  • [#7069] Add articles.articleshowlongtitle setting for toggling on/off the longtitle field when editing Articles
  • [#7057] Fix issue with RTEs and updating an Article

New in 1.4.5/6-pl

  • Fix bug with Articles snippet and $this reference
  • [#6832],[#6697],[#6596] Remove 255 char limit from Article summary field, remove 100 char tags field limit

New in 1.4.4-pl

  • [#6641] Add option to turn off richtext editing for Articles in a Container
  • [#6897] Add offset as option to latest posts display
  • [#6639] Add option to change default sorting for Articles in mgr container grid
  • [#7001] Fix issue where disabling comments prevented other placeholders from displaying
  • [#6980] Fix issue with fallback Twitter feed tpl
  • [#6850] Enable multiple Articles snippet calls per page
  • [#6625] Add in longtitle for Container in General Settings
  • Fix issue where changing template settings did not activate save btn
  • Add German, Russian, Czech translations
  • [#6626] Improve pub-date checking on WordPress import
  • [#6601] Fix template variables tab showing when creating a new article
  • [#6966] Fix issue with non-web contexts
  • Update Quip to 2.2.0-pl

New in 1.4.3-pl

  • [#6553] Fix issue with build where snippets were set as chunks
  • Update tagLister to 1.1.5

New in 1.4.2-pl

  • Add Articles snippet for easy displaying of articles anywhere on site
  • [#6534] Add confirmation for delete article in grid
  • [#6535] Fix issue with incorrect include reference for update services
  • [#6535] Fix issue with url generation for twitter posting on first save
  • [#6542] Fix right-click edit article from grid issue

New in 1.4.1-pl

  • Add in container calls to each Article to allow sidebars
  • [#6471] Fix issue with MODX import when no TV value is set yet TV is set to import
  • [#6490] Fix missing ul tag in container template

New in 1.4.0-pl

  • [#6457] Allow option of posting Article title/url/tags to Twitter on publish
  • Add limiter for number of hashtags that are tweeted
  • [#6430] Fix RSS sample template

New in 1.3.0-pl

  • Add "Other Parameters" for listing snippet, which allows you to pass other properties to the getPage/getResources call
  • Add option to Require Authentication for commenting
  • Upgrade Archivist to 1.2.2-pl

New in 1.2.1-pl

  • [#6400] Fix issue where alias was not changed in articles when container's alias was changed

New in 1.2.0-pl

  • [#6385] Fix issue with Resource Groups tab not showing for individual Articles
  • [#6374] Fix issue where tags were not showing in RSS
  • [#6376] Fix date formatting for RSS pub date
  • [#6375] Properly send RSS headers (requires Revo 2.2-pl or later)

New in 1.1.5-pl

  • [#6345] Fix and improve article view in front-end for default template
  • [#6342] Fix issue where container content was not persistent
  • [#6346] Add missing IDs to various panels in Articles UI to allow for Form Customization targeting

New in 1.1.1/2/3-pl

  • Better handling of comment import and MODX tags in WordPress import
  • Fix encoding issues with WordPress imports
  • Fix import from WordPress because WordPress does not escape brackets properly from export WXR file
  • Rearrange TV processing advanced settings to address possible clarity issue
  • Fix issue where some settings do not set dirty status for container form when changed
  • Fix issue where import from MODX sets isfolder incorrectly
  • Ensure MODX import changes Resources to new ArticlesContainer template
  • Add &includeTVsList and &processTVsList advanced settings for listings
  • Upgrade getResources to 1.4.2 and getPage to 1.2.2

New in 1.1.0-pl

  • Add import from other MODX Resources
  • Add import from Blogger
  • Add ability to specify file on server when importing from WordPress
  • [#6296] Add sortBy and sortDir settings for getResources to the Advanced Settings tab for containers
  • [#6299] Ensure that if author of Article is deleted, article can still be viewed/edited

New in 1.0.2-pl

  • Add ability to filter by author on articles
  • Vastly improve loading speeds and caching for main articles page
  • Add more options for getPage to container settings

New in 1.0.1-pl

  • Add ability to toggle including and processing of TVs on archive listing pages
  • Include new Archivist parameters, &groupByYear and &groupByYearTpl
  • [#6252] Fix paging on articles main list page

New in 1.0.0-pl

  • [#6201] Add ability to import posts+comments from WordPress
  • [#6167] Fix issue where unpublished new articles were not showing in grid
  • Allow search on articles grid to search tags
  • Add content preview for each article to articles grid
  • Add bulk publish/unpublish/delete/undelete to articles grid
  • [#6202] Add back menuindex into Articles Container settings
  • [#6205] Fix array error in article update controller
  • [#6168] Prevent creation of Resources below Articles resources
  • Fix issue where article tpl was incorrect in container settings
  • [#6164] Prevent changing Resource to Articles when using classkey dropdown

New in 1.0.0-rc2

  • [#6158] Add ability to "undelete" deleted articles
  • [#6161] Fix issue with changing article row chunk
  • [#6160] Remove template change reloading for Article types



September 7, 2013
Supported Versions
2.2 – Current

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