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By Everett Griffiths (everettg_99)

Version 1.3.1 is compatible with MODX 2.6.5 and PHP 7.1

This package adds asset management functionality to MODX Revolution so you can easily upload and edit images and other assets and attach them to any MODX page.  Because this Extra stores all asset data in a custom database table, you can easily search for assets by complex criteria or manipulate the search queries for custom reporting.

The end result of using the Asset Manager can be similar to adding multiple image Template Variables to a template (e.g. using MIGX), but the user interface and backend data model is cleaner.

  • Automatically detect MIME-types and automatically create MODX content types
  • Supports complex search criteria to find assets 
  • Galleries of Images
  • Drag and drop images to upload them using Dropzone
  • Output filters for easy image resizing (like pThumb, but better), including scale-to-width, scale-to-height, thumbnails and cropping.
  • Relies on standard Packagist packages to conduct image manipulation

Watch the video demo:

Everett Griffiths

New in Asset Manager 1.3.1

Version 1.3.1

  • Fix for default asset attributes for non-image assets.

Version 1.3.0

  • Updated tests
  • Compatibility with PHP 7.1
  • Compatibility with MODx 2.6.5
  • Various fixes

Version 1.2.1 

  • Remove stray log on save
  • Resolve issue (introduced in 1.2.0) where the getPageAssets and Asset snippet may not return results [#86]

Version 1.2.0

  • Use stricter CSS
  • Add default group
  • Add target="blank" to outgoing links in manager
  • Remove conflicting css
  • Use font awesome icons
  • Count assets in getPageAssets after retrieving
  • Add assman.skiptemplates setting to determine templates to not initiate the asset manager on
  • Fix fatal js error when jquery has conflicts [#60]
  • Clean up builds and .DS_Store files from repo
  • Fix broken components

Version 1.1.1 includes various fixes.



December 4, 2018
Supported Versions
2.6 – Current

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