Auditor 1.4.0-ga

Auditor 1.4.0-ga

Released Sep 14, 2009 by shamblett
Auditor implements a scheme of automatic table row historying using database level triggers. It creates and manages a history database mirroring the main MODx database whereby content; for instance; is archived on every update/creation/deletion.

This allows auditing, versioning and historying to be carried out on the history database to ascertain what content has changed between revisions, who changed it and what it was previously.

This allows past content to be recovered if needed.

It covers the full database ie documents, snippets, chunks. metatags, modules plugins, system settings etc. Download 124kb (636 downloads)
Downloads: 2,712
License: GPLv3
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Requires Evolution 1.0.x or greater
Supports mysql
Updated for Evolution 1.0.0 release

Installation Instructions

See install file in the zip
Version Released Author Downloads
5 Versions 1 Contributors 2,718 Downloads
1.3.0 Dec, 31 2008 shamblett 353
1.2.0 Oct, 08 2008 shamblett 446
1.1.0 Aug, 21 2008 shamblett 491
1.0.0 Jun, 03 2008 shamblett 792