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By Björn Baß (webknot)

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This package will visualize a nondeterministic finite state machine by means of jQuery,SVG and CSS. It ships with english and german localisation (For frontend set System->System Settings ->cultureKey = 'de' or 'en'for the backend set System->System Settings ->manager_language = 'de' or 'en).It will install- a category "Automat" for better organization- 5 resources (one examplepage 'automat', one css container-resource 'css' and three css resources (e.g. 'style') where two are extra styles for big ('bigscreen') and small screens ('smallscreen'))- two templates (one for the css-resources 'automatCSSTemplate' and one example-template 'automatTemplate' for displaying the automat)- a snippet that calls the automat.class.php in core/components/automat/model/automat/ It has a lot of properties, that are documented in place (in both languages), where you can tweak the automat's look an other things.- a logo in assets/components/automat/img/logo.png which is used in the exampletemplate- a php-file used for the ajax communication (when logged in in the manager an clicking on 'view' you can save, modify or delete example-automats)- several chunks, that include all the necessary JavaScript-files for easy-editing (the package 'CodeMirror' will help you giving you some syntax-highlighting), some html, that is used in displaying the automat and the example-automats in JSON format- It makes use of jQuery and links it from the web into the page  (use automat's property "automat.jQuery" to use another source).Example usage:[[!automat]][[+automat.table]][[+automat.errorMsg]][[+automat.infoMsg]][[+automat.svgTextarea]][[+automat.svg]]Snippet: automatResources: automat, css (empty container), style, bigscreen, smallscreenChunks: automat.automat.js, automat.controller.js, automat.errorMsg, automat.examples.js, automat.infoMsg, automat.init, automat.model.js, automat.svg, automat.svgbase.js, automat.svgTextarea, automat.svgView.js, automat.table, automat.tableView.js, automat.validator.js

Björn Baß

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