Babel 2.1.0-beta

Babel 2.1.0-beta

Released Dec 20, 2010 by mikrobi

Babel is an Extra for MODx Revolution that helps you managing your multilingual websites using differentc ontexts. Babel even supports managing several different multilingual websites within one MODx instance by using so called context groups.

Babel maintains links between translated resources. In the manager you can use the Babel Box to easily switch between the different language versions of your resource. Translations can be created automatically by Babel or defined manually.

Additionally Babel can be used to synchronize certain template variables (TVs) of translated resource which should be the same in every context (language).

Offical documentation is located at You may have a look at our tutorial for setting up your multilingual website with MODx and Babel.

Feel free to suggest ideas/improvements/bugs on GitHub:

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 43kb (364 downloads)
Downloads: 39,146
License: GPLv2
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Requires Revolution 2.4.x or greater
Supports mysql

Babel is an Extra for MODx Revolution that creates linked resources across different contexts.

The easy way to manage your multilingual site!

Babel can be configured to synchronize specified TVs between linked resources:
When you change on of these TV in a certain context the change will be applied to all linked resources in the other contexts.

You have 3 contexts: web, fr and de (for English, French and German).
You create a resource in the web context and after saving your resource, Babel shows you labels for the 3 languages (English, French and German).
Now you can easy link resources in your different contexts by clicking on an "create translation" button or manually defining an existing translation.

Links between these three resources are created for an easy navigation.

Feel free to suggest ideas/improvements/bugs on GitHub:

Installation Instructions

Install via package management and set configuration parameters in the setup dialog according to your needs

Version Released Author Downloads
17 Versions 2 Contributors 39,187 Downloads
3.0.0-pl Dec, 12 2016 goldsky 10,675
3.0.0-rc1 Apr, 15 2016 goldsky 3,334
3.0.0-beta5 Mar, 22 2016 goldsky 1,244
3.0.0-beta4 Mar, 25 2015 goldsky 4,589
3.0.0-beta3 Feb, 14 2015 goldsky 878
3.0.0-beta2 Feb, 11 2015 goldsky 297
2.2.5-pl Dec, 11 2011 mikrobi 11,527
2.2.4-pl Mar, 29 2011 mikrobi 2,556
2.2.3-rc1 Jan, 26 2011 mikrobi 794
2.2.2-rc2 Jan, 18 2011 mikrobi 452
2.2.2-rc1 Jan, 17 2011 mikrobi 444
2.2.1-rc1 Jan, 09 2011 mikrobi 486
2.2.0-pl Dec, 23 2010 mikrobi 469
2.1.1-pl1 Dec, 22 2010 mikrobi 339
2.1.1-rc1 Dec, 20 2010 mikrobi 348
2.0.0-beta Dec, 16 2010 mikrobi 391