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BackupMODX dashboard widget to backup your MODX site.

By Jan Dähne (quadro)

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The BackupMODX extra is a tiny dashboard widget. Just place the widget into your dashboard and click the "Backup" button whenever you need a quick backup of your site. You can select either to backup your database, files or both. After the backup is finished you can download the files as a zip-archive. Just click the "Remove Backup" button after your download is finished to remove the backup.

The extra will backup all files and folders inside your MODX installation and will also include the core-folder if placed outside the web-root.

The widget is tested in different hosting environments and it works for our needs. If you have any problems/errors while using this extra - please let us know. If you also know how to enhance the extra/code - please feel free to contribute to the GitHub Repository.


Jan Dähne

New in BackupMODX 3.0.1

Changelog for backupmodx

BackupMODX 3.0.1

  • Extend logging information
  • Catch construct errors of chumper/zipper
  • Add lexicon editing to Crowdin

backupmodx 3.0.0

  • Complete rewrite
  • Removed exec calls
  • Use ifsnop/mysqldump-php and Chumper/Zipper composer packages
  • Debug option logging the files to backup and other information in backupmodx.log
  • Completely AJAX driven dashboard widget
  • Every text displayed in the browser is translateable
  • Catch an error during php shutdown to display (i.e. maximum execution time) errors

backupmodx 2.0.1

  • Fix Ajax timeout
  • Fix download large files
  • Fix custom assets_path (Thanks to mcnickel)

backupmodx 2.0.0

  • Add cron scheduled backups
  • Add restore Database
  • Redesign Dashboard-Widget

backupmodx 1.0.5

  • Bugfix: abbility to change tar-alias for different hosting-provider
  • Bugfix: keeps cache-folder included - only excludes all files inside the cache-folder to achieve a smaller tar-archive
  • Adding an optional readme file
  • Define additional files and folders to exclude in the backup
  • Define a directory to place the backup (inside or outside the webroot)

backupmodx 1.0.4

  • Bugfix: placing the sql-file in the root of combined tar-archive
  • Bugfix: excluding cache-folder to achieve smaller files

backupmodx 1.0.3

  • placing the sql-file in the root of combined tar-archive
  • checking if shell-commands working
  • excluding cache-folder to achieve smaller files
  • adding abbility to change tar-alias for different hosting-provider

backupmodx 1.0.2

  • Ability to define groups that can see the widget. Default is only: Administartor

backupmodx 1.0.1

  • Includes "core-folder" placed outside the webroot.

backupmodx 1.0.0

Initial Version



September 19, 2019
Supported Versions
2.6 – Current

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