BannerY 1.3.2-pl

BannerY 1.3.2-pl

Released Aug 19, 2015 by bezumkin2
it is fork from Jeroen Kenters BannerX with some good new features.

Simple and handy way to manage your banner ads. Also this can be used without images, as only-text ads.

Source code on Github

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 464kb (4196 downloads)
Downloads: 10,169
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.3.x or greater
Supports mysql

- [#23] Added system setting "bannery_media_source" for specifying default media source for banners.

- [#22] Allow uppercase file extension to be rendered in grid.

Installation Instructions

1. Install from MODX repository

2. Create positions for ads

3. Create ads for positions

4. Link they together

5. Show your banners on site by [[BannerY?position=`1`]] 

You can see other properties on snippet properties tab.

Changelog for BannerY.

1.3.2 pl


- Improved installation script for MODX 2.4.

1.3.1 pl (03.04.2015)


- [#23] Added system setting "bannery_media_source" for specifying default media source for banners.

- [#22] Allow uppercase file extension to be rendered in grid.

1.3.0 pl (26.01.2015)


- Fixes to handle non standard media sources.

1.3.0 rc2 (03.08.2014)


- Added ability to set range of dates for banner display.

- Added icons to context menu.

- Improved user interface.

- [#9] Fixed url of image in positions window.

- [#8] Added ability to set the click variable in system settings.

1.2.0 beta1 (22.10.2013)


- Improved builder.

- Added russian lexicon with snippet parameters.

- Added property "source" in object byAd. Now you can select separate media sources for each ad.

- Removed system setting "bannery.media_source".

- Rewritten snippet "BannerY". Now it works through pdoTools and has many new features.

- Improved select of resource for banner in url input.

- Fixed verification of url that entered manually in url input;

- [#2] Image can be removed from banner.

1.1.0 beta (15.07.2013)


- Special version by Evd.

- Renamed "ads.grid.js" to "banners.grid.js" because of adBlock issue.

- Support media source for image

- Fixed empty image

- Fixed displaying image in grid and update window

- Fixed select image in browser

- Add settings on install/upgrade

- Removed unused getWorkingContext

- New snippet parameters: "tplOuter" & "toPlaceholder".

- Outer template don't render if output empty

1.0.1 pl (01.10.2012)


- Fixed ads/update processor, so now it not change idx of existing AdPosition

- Added combobox for easy selecting of site resources. Also you can specify custom urls (verificated by filter_var()).

- Removed hardcoded manager url from stats.panel.js.

1.0.0 pl (13.09.2012)


- Renamed to BannerY

- Added text field "description" for Ads.

- UI improvements. Now you can view all Ads of Position in popup window and add/remove/sort them.

- Added drag-n-drop sorting feature for Ads in Position for specifying exact order of displaying.

- Added properties for snippet BannerX and new sortby - "idx".

- Added quick enable\disable ads in context menu.

- Added filter by position in ads grid

- Added search in ads and positions grids

0.2.2 pl (06.09.2012)


- Class based processors / controllers

- GET vars of clickout URL are now available as placeholders in banner URL (?id=123 => [[+id]])

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0.2.1 pl (30.08.2012)


- Some UI changes and fixes

- Browser now opens directory of current banner

0.2.0 beta (23.04.2012)


- Added russian lexicon

- Fixed position delete issue

- Fix error when creating ads with no positions

- Stateful tabs

- Positions live update

- Change order of items in context menu

- Add support for [[~id]] links for banners

- Improve images preview

- Add images in ads grid

- Add showing update windows on double click in grid

0.1.0 alpha


- First public version

Version Released Author Downloads
8 Versions 1 Contributors 10,175 Downloads
1.4.0-pl Jan, 09 2019 bezumkin2 308
1.3.1-pl1 Apr, 03 2015 bezumkin2 777
1.3.0-pl Jan, 26 2015 bezumkin2 519
1.3.0-rc2 Jul, 31 2014 bezumkin2 877
1.2.0-beta1 Nov, 07 2013 bezumkin2 1,137
1.0.1-pl Oct, 01 2012 bezumkin2 1,994
1.0.0-pl Sep, 14 2012 bezumkin2 367