Big Brother

Google Analytics dashboard

Creator: Mark Hamstra (markh)

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About Big Brother

A Google Analytics dashboard for MODX, brought to you by modmore.

This component will give you access to a quick overview of Google Analytics reports directly from the manager.

The following reports are available:

  • Site Content (By page and Page Title)
  • Audience (Language, Country, Browser, Operating System, Service Provider, Mobile, Screen Resolution)
  • Traffic Sources (Search by keyword or source, Referral by source, Direct traffic by Landing page)

Additionally, Administrator can switch account easily or revoke Google's authorization as they need. You can specify Administrator account via a system setting at any time.

**Have issues authenticating your Google Analytics account on a site that used v1.3.2 or earlier versions?** Remove the `bigbrother.native_app_client_id` and `bigbrother.native_app_client_secret` system settings from your site, and reinstall Big Brother. [Review the documentation if you'd like to use your own oAuth credentials instead.](


July 17, 2020
Supported Versions
2.5 – Current

New in Big Brother 1.4.1

Big Brother 1.4.1-pl, 2020-07-17

  • Fix incorrect link to detail page from dashboard
  • Use official "Sign in with Google" button for authorization to satisfy Google Branding Guidelines

Big Brother 1.4.0-pl, 2020-07-13

  • Ship new oAuth keys as old one reached its user quota. For instructions on using your own oauth credentials, please see:
  • Fix deprecated sizeof() calls [#31]
  • Fix incorrect assets path on namespace [#28]
  • Change action to namespace-based routing [#30]

Big Brother 1.3.1-pl, 2017-07-21

  • Show account/web properties/profile hierarchy in account selection
  • Bring back big numbers that went missing due to an api deprecation [#26]
  • Fix incorrectly aligned icons in the top buttons [#22]

Big Brother 1.3.0-pl, 2015-07-13

  • Fix wrong date displayed for historical visits comparison (#7)
  • Fix issue with the first load of the widget not showing all results (#5)
  • Fix assigning analytic profiles to specific users (#1)
  • Fix access token being refreshed when not necessary (#3)

Big Brother 1.3.0-rc3, 2015-05-20

  • Fix authentication flow to make it easier and pretty much zero-configuration

Big Brother 1.3.0-rc2, 2015-05-19

  • Fix typo causing issues on case-sensitive systems

Big Brother 1.3.0-rc1, 2015-05-19

  • Upgraded to OAuth4 Authentication. On upgrade, you will need to re-authorise your Google Analytics.
  • Fix potential issues where the account dropdown may be empty
  • Fix E_STRICT errors in various processors

Big Brother 1.2.0 rc1, 1.2.1-beta

Never released.

Big Brother 1.1.0 rc2

  • Fix weird issue in French lexicon

Big Brother 1.1.0 rc1

  • Updated components to use the last API changes for Google

Big Brother 1.0.2 pl

  • Added german lexicon (Thanks to gadgetto)
  • Removed hardcoded strings
  • Some corrections to English translation

Big Brother 1.0.2 RC2

  • Fix getManagerLink when the base url is a trailing slash

Big Brother 1.0.2 RC1

  • Added BigBrother namaespace in cmp and dashboard
  • Added ability to set specific account to user for reports
  • Fixed notices
  • Set debug to false by default

Big Brother 1.0.1 pl

  • Fixed hard coded manager URL

Big Brother 1.0 pl

  • Fix charts resize in cmp
  • Syncronize Days of the week for area charts
  • Added button on dashboard to access full reports on the cmp
  • Various fixes

Big Brother 1.0 beta5

  • Added dashboard widget
  • Enabled Dashboard configuration tabs

Big Brother 1.0 beta4

  • Added comparison chart
  • Added Options Panel
  • Refactored processors for more flexibility

Big Brother 1.0 beta3

  • Added option to set custom manager URL for oauth callback

Big Brother 1.0 beta2

  • Setup options for Admin groups and cache timeout
  • Show admin buttons only to specified user groups
  • Added more reports following Google Analytics website display
  • Added date range information
  • Added custom vtabs class definitions
  • Streamlined grids and panel description
  • Updated grid processor to use a single file


Previous Versions

July 13, 2020
2.5 – Current
July 21, 2017
2.5 – Current

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