Chimpx 0.0.1-beta1

Chimpx 0.0.1-beta1

Released Jun 07, 2011 by romain

Chimpx is a MailChimp integration with MODX Revolution.

Feel free to report bugs & request features at:

Download 93kb (1883 downloads)
Downloads: 1,878
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.1.x or greater
Supports mysql

In Chimpx 0.0.1-beta you can :

  • create a campaign from a MODX resource
  • update some campaign details
  • test a campaign via email
  • delete any campaign (saved or already sent)
  • replicate an existing campaign

Installation Instructions

From MODX Provider:

  • Install package from the manager & follow the instructions


  • put the transport package into core/packages/
  • go to the package manager, hit "add new package"
  • search locally for packages
  • install from the package grid & follow the instructions