CKEditor 1.1.0-rc1

CKEditor 1.1.0-rc1

Released Dec 26, 2012 by danya_postfactum

CKEditor is a full featured HTML editor, providing quality xhtml output.

CKEditor integration supports d'n'd from your Trees (to create links to Files or Resources), Ctrl+S saving.

This project is hosted on github here

Support Thread on MODX Forum.

Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions.

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 658kb (6571 downloads)
Downloads: 58,340
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Compatible up to Revolution 2.2.x
Supports mysql,sqlsrv

This version brings RichText TV and Custom Resource Classes (such as Article) support.

Drag'n'drop from Trees now works much better. There context menu on Tree Object drop is appears, allowing to insert object name, object link, or embed object itself (insert image or video for example).

Browse button is also available in Insert Image dialog.

Now you can put your own plugins and skins into CKEditor.

Installation Instructions

Install package, make sure `use_editor` is set to `true`, `wich_editor` is `CKEditor`

See examples if you want to change toolbar configuration.

CKEditor 1.1.0


- MODx file browser integration

- richtext TV support

- Custom Resource Classes (Articles for ex.) support

- Improved drag'd'drop from trees (insert images directly from File Tree)

- Fixed Ctrl+S shorcut

- Extra plugins setting

- Editor skin setting

CKEditor 1.0.1


- Fixed fatal error

- Inherit height of textarea

CKEditor 1.0.0


- Initial commit

Version Released Author Downloads
8 Versions 1 Contributors 58,376 Downloads
1.4.0-pl Feb, 25 2018 danya_postfactum 13,844
1.3.0-pl Dec, 07 2014 danya_postfactum 29,713
1.2.0-pl Nov, 16 2014 danya_postfactum 1,260
1.1.1-pl Apr, 02 2014 danya_postfactum 5,977
1.0.2-beta3 Dec, 07 2012 danya_postfactum 490
1.0.1-beta2 Dec, 06 2012 danya_postfactum 267
1.0.0-beta1 Dec, 06 2012 danya_postfactum 262