CKEditor 1.3.0-pl

CKEditor 1.3.0-pl

Released Dec 07, 2014 by danya_postfactum

CKEditor is a full featured HTML editor, providing quality xhtml output.

CKEditor integration supports d'n'd from your Trees (to create links to Files or Resources), Ctrl+S saving.

This project is hosted on github here

Support Thread on MODX Forum.

Please feel free to leave comments/suggestions.

This version is deprecated. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Download 1089kb (29726 downloads)
Downloads: 58,342
License: GPLv2
Requires Revolution 2.2.x or greater
Supports mysql,sqlsrv

CKEditor is the best web text editor for everyone.

Installation Instructions

Install package, make sure `use_editor` is set to `true`, `wich_editor` is `CKEditor`

See examples if you want to change toolbar configuration.

CKEditor 1.3.0====================================- Add third-party components support (MODx.loadRTE()) (Romain @rtripault)- Add improved image pluginCKEditor 1.2.0====================================- Fixed MODx 2.3 compatibility- Added new settings (stylesSet, removePlugins, toolbarGroups, formatTags, nativeSpellchecker) (thanks to MokoJumbie and exside [Lukas Zahnd])- Addes plugins: SCAYT, QuickTable, AutoGrow (disabled by default)- Improved AutoCorrect Plugin (settings dialog, bugfixes, other improvements)- Fixed Ctrl+Z in Source mode- Simplified toolbar configuration (used less painful "toolbarGroups" option rather then "toolbar")

CKEditor 1.1.1


- Fixed AjaxManager compatibility (tree drag'drop bug)

- Added de language (settings localization: miduku)

- Added plugins: youtube, wordcount, autocorrect

- Simplified drag'n'drop from tree (remove dnd context menu)

- IE8 support

CKEditor 1.1.0


- MODx file browser integration

- richtext TV support

- Custom Resource Classes (Articles for ex.) support

- Improved drag'd'drop from trees (insert images directly from File Tree)

- Fixed Ctrl+S shorcut

- Extra plugins setting

- Editor skin setting

CKEditor 1.0.2


- Fixed blocking bug occured in Firefox

CKEditor 1.0.1


- Fixed fatal error

- Inherit height of textarea

CKEditor 1.0.0


- Initial commit

Version Released Author Downloads
8 Versions 1 Contributors 58,378 Downloads
1.4.0-pl Feb, 25 2018 danya_postfactum 13,846
1.2.0-pl Nov, 16 2014 danya_postfactum 1,260
1.1.1-pl Apr, 02 2014 danya_postfactum 5,977
1.1.0-rc1 Dec, 26 2012 danya_postfactum 6,563
1.0.2-beta3 Dec, 07 2012 danya_postfactum 490
1.0.1-beta2 Dec, 06 2012 danya_postfactum 267
1.0.0-beta1 Dec, 06 2012 danya_postfactum 262